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Good points

  • Fetish models
  • Free photos and videos
  • Good filters

Negative points

  • Low-detailed profiles
  • Expensive premium medias
  • badge imageFetish models
  • badge imageFree photos and videos
  • badge imageGood filters

What is XLoveFetish.com

There are quite a lot of cam sites out there, but when it comes to a live webcam sex site that focuses primarily on different fetishes, those are quite rare. One of those rare sites is XLoveFetish.com, a phenomenal place where you can find all kinds of horny beauties who will make your kinky fetish fantasies a reality.

XLoveFetish.com Review

There are quite a lot of cam sites out there which try to cover all kinds of niches. While that might not be that bad, it is always better to have a site like XLoveFetish, which targets one specific thing. Even if XLoveFetish is focused on different fetishes, it is still nice that they are focused on fetish shows specifically which lets users know what they are getting into when visiting this site.

Classic design

When it comes to the website’s design, there is not much to be said about it. The way it looks is pretty much like any modern cam site, as you will be able to see a bunch of thumbnails when you are on the homepage of all the models that are currently online. Other than that, you can find the classic menu bar on the top of the page and a bunch of useful filters on the left.

When it comes to the thumbnails, they are a bit too stacked up, and they do not provide too much useful information. The only thing you will get to see from the thumbnails is the model’s name, as well as if they are new to the site and if they are in a private session or not. Some models will also have an icon of a sex toy, which indicates they are using a lovense or lush toy during their session.

The thumbnails use the avatar system, which means that you will not get to see the state of the live show until you hover over the thumbnail. In general, we are not that big fans of avatar thumbnails, but in the case of XLoveFetish, it has a positive side, as you can tell what the main fetish of the model is. For example, if the model is wearing stockings and showing off her feet to the camera in her thumbnail, you can know that you are getting into a foot fetish show; if the model has clown makeup, it is a clown fetish show, and so on.

Filters are great

The filters that the site offer are quite good. You will be able to sort the cams based on all kinds of options such as cam rank, number of favorites, new models, alphabetical order, HD videos, votes, rates, number of fans, etc. Other than that, you can search for models with other filters like their body type, hair color, bust size, sex parts, actions that they are into, and more.

There is also an option to filter out VR cams only, but, unfortunately, there were no VR models online at the time of the review, so we could not check how the VR experience is. Considering the number of models online, there is probably a very low chance that you are going to find a VR model anyway.

The number of online models is low

During our browsing session, the average number of models that was online was not that great. It was always under a hundred. While this might be terrible for a website that tries to cover all kinds of webcam experiences, when it comes to XLoveFetish, which targets only fetishes, those low numbers are to be expected.

While some people definitely prefer quantity over quality when it comes to live sex cams, the quality on XLoveFetish in terms of performers is fantastic. Every model that we checked out really tried her best to make our fetish fantasies come true, and the thing you would see on the thumbnail, as we said earlier, is usually the strongest side of the model in the term of performance.

Few rooms are free and the rest are private

From all the models that were online, there were not that many rooms that you could join and watch for free as most models were in a private session or they were waiting for someone to invite them to one. With this in mind, if you are looking for a site where you will get a lot of content for free, XLoveFetish is not the place for you.

Profiles are without details

Something that is very bad about this site is the part where the profiles are not detailed. In fact, there is no dedicated button to visit a profile to begin with. We found out full profiles by complete accident, as they are accessed by clicking on the profile name when you are already in a live show. This is probably the only bad design thing on the site, and it is definitely worth pointing out. As for the details you will find on full profiles, expect minor information such as age, sex, and languages are spoken.

Interacting with the video player and chat is minimal

The video player and the chat functions are as basic as it gets. You can change the volume in the player, and you can send messages in the chat; that is about it. The chat supports emojis, but today, pretty much any chat does, so it is not really a special feature.

There is a section for photos

There is a section for media on XLoveFetish. The first section of the media are pictures that are posted by the members. This is basically browsing through all kinds of photos that you would usually find on profiles of models. Most photos are completely free, but there are some that you will have to unlock with credits.

There is also a section for videos

The similar story goes for the video section. You will be able to find a lot of fetish videos of all sorts that are posted by the models on the site, and you can watch them for free. Of course, there are also premium videos that you can unlock with credits. Keep in mind that you get access to one premium video when you register for an account, so make sure to pick an expensive one.

The lack of personal a media collection is pretty bad

While having access to photos and videos is useful when you purchase photos and videos, good luck finding them again, as there is no special part of the site that focuses on your collection. This is quite an annoying lack of a feature, which almost makes buying photos and videos a punishing act, which is kind of ironic considering the name of the site.

Despite all of the flaws, the site is great for different fetish enjoyers

Even if there are a lot of flaws that XLoveFetish suffers from, and certainly a lot of room for improvement for things that work, we still recommend the site for anyone who is into different fetishes. The private session experience that the models on this site offer is truly one of a kind and more than enough to redeem the site from the negativity that it has.

How to sign up on XLoveFetish.com

Signing up on X Love Fetish is quite easy. All you have to do is click on the “JOIN NOW FREE” button that is located in the top right corner of the homepage. After that, fill out the blank fields, check the box for TOS and click on “Validate your registration.” After that, you will have to confirm your email address, after which you will receive a VIP video token, which will let you watch one premium video on the site.

How much are tokens on XLoveFetish.com

Depending on the type of payment that you are using, the packages available are different form one another. Because of that, we will only include the most common type of payment, which is the one for credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).

Price Per Token
Total Price
10 EUR
25 EUR
50 EUR
100 EUR

How to buy tokens on XLoveFetish.com

To buy tokens on XLoveFetish.com, you will first have to be logged into your account. After that, click on “ADD CREDITS” that is located in the top right corner (same place you used to sign up). Then, select which type of payment you would like to use, and once you decide, click on the package you which to purchase.

By clicking on the package, you will be redirected to a new page where you will fill out the billing information. After you fill out the blank spaces and click on “Submit,” you will finalize the transaction and receive the tokens.

How to get free tokens on XLoveFetish.com

At the moment, there are no ways to obtain free tokens on XLoveFetish.com. However, by verifying you email address, you will get a VIP video token. With that token, you can watch one VIP video of any model on the site and add it to your video library permanently.

Is XLoveFetish.com Safe?

While some of the acts that you see on the site might not be safe, as there are quite kinky models out there, when it comes to the site’s safety regarding your private information, there is nothing to worry about. The site has never been hacked, and while the site will save some of your browsing data, it is not shared with anyone else and is stored only for safety.

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