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Good points

  • Lots of fetishes covered
  • Easy to browse
  • Pornstar shows

Negative points

  • Not a lot of models
  • Slightly expensive
Fetish Galaxy
  • badge imageLots of fetishes covered
  • badge imageEasy to browse
  • badge imagePornstar shows

What is FetishGalaxy

If you are looking for a site where you can only find the kinkiest people who will make all of your fetish fantasies come true, then Fetish Galaxy definitely has you covered. This is a site where you will not find any softcore teasing sessions but only hardcore sex chat rooms where hot babes, studs, and transvestites await. The site covers all kinds of fetishes, from JOI, Latex/Rubber/PVC, Outfits to domination, bondage, gags and blindfolds, and more.

FetishGalaxy Review

As the name of the site suggests, it is focused on a specific niche, or rather a few different niches that fit under the word fetish. Because of that, you will immediately notice that the number of models online is usually much smaller than on other live webcam sex sites that you might have been visiting.

However, because of a smaller number of models online at the time, you can expect the service to be much better as well, as all of the models here are completely dedicated in pleasuring their viewers with whatever fetishes you may desire during your visit to their live sex rooms

The design really fits the theme

Unlike most cam sites that tend to be colorful, this one has a dark theme, something that perfectly fits the aesthetics of a sex dungeon and the kinky adventures that await on the site. While the color palate is absolutely perfect, it is also worth pointing out that the site is very easy to browse.

As soon as you enter the site, you are going to see a bunch of cam girls who are either live, or ones that you can contact to set up a private session. While the thumbnails are mostly avatars, the ones that have live sessions are going to switch to a live preview on their own without you having to mouse over them, which is something that we really like. You can easily switch between women, men, and trans on the top of the page, and you can filter specific fetishes with the bar right under those options.

Creating an account is not required

In order to access free live sex shows on the site, you are actually not obligated to create an account. However, since creating an account certainly makes things much better, as you will be able to add models to your favorites list and, more importantly, you will get to chat with them when you enter their room, we strongly suggest that you go through the 1-minute registration process.

Join live free sessions

About half of the models are going to have a free session that anyone can join, including yourself. When you join a free room, you will get to see the model perform whatever the viewers happen to tip for, and if no one is tipping, they are usually going to tease a bit in order to get some credits from someone.

Like with all free live sex cams, if you are planning to tip, expect some competition from other viewers that will interfere with your plans of directing the session in a certain way. Because there are not that many models online at Fetish Galaxy, all of the viewers will usually go to the few free sex cams that are available, which is why there are many requests at the time for pretty much all models.

Private sessions are an amazing experience

If you do go private with a model, the experience is a whole different story. In private, you get the full direction of the show if it fits the fetish that you prefer. On the other note, if you prefer to invite a professional dominatrix to a private session, that is the best way to show just how loyal of a slave you are to your new mistress, as you are going to get all of her attention, there is just not a better way to do it.

There are all kinds of babes on Fetish Galaxy

When it comes to the type of babes you can expect to see on FetishGalaxy.com, the good news is that the diversity is there. You can find hot teen babes who have just joined the camming industry, and while they are not as experienced as some older models who have been camming for years, these babes are both incredible subs and dominas as well. You can find horny teen babes who are willing to do all kinds of fetish acts for the viewers.

There are a lot of adult, MILF, and mature babes as well, way more than teen babes. When it comes to their attributes, every model is different, and you can find skinny, chubby, BBW, tall, short, tattooed, babes with piercing, and all kinds of girls. Of course, the same can be said for male and trans models on the site.

Even if the number of models is not that high, because of the high diversity, you will definitely find a model who can make all of your fetish dreams come true, as long as you treat her nice or let her treat you like a slave if she requests to do so.

Most models are amateurs, but there are pornstar shows too

It should come as no surprise that the majority of models are amateurs. However, the site does try to reach out to some pornstars to perform fetish acts on the site. They are not an everyday thing, but there have been female and male pornstars on the site that you have probably seen in some of your favorite porn videos. If you happen to browse the site during a pornstar show, make sure to check it out.

The number of fetishes covered is incredible

Considering that this is a fetish-focused site, it should not be a surprise that it covers a lot of fetishes. However, even with that in mind, the number of fetishes covered is still astonishing. There are over 20 different fetish categories that you can check out at any time, and they will also show how many models are online within that fetish category.

It should come as no surprise that one of the most popular categories are the foot fetish, leather, tit/nipple torture, wet& messy, and JOI (Jerk-off instructions), as these will have a few dozen models online at any time. Other categories, such as sex machines, fisting, and medical, are usually not on the popular end, but there are still models who can fulfill those fetish fantasies for you.

When it comes to browsing for these fetishes, you can use the drop-down menu on the bar at the top of the page. You have to click on three purple lines to see all of the fetishes and the search tool as well. The advanced search will let you find a perfect model according to certain preferences, which can be useful, but it does not cover the fetish aspect of the site, so it is best to just browse through online models in certain categories.

The number of models online varies a lot

Being a niche site, the number of models is smaller than usual. Because of this, if you visit it at the wrong time, you might not find any models for the fetish that interests you. Most models tend to be from Europe and Russia, and some of them are from the western part of the world, so checking the site out during those hours during the night is your best option.

Profiles go from very detailed to no details at all

In order to join a live session, all you have to do is click on the thumbnail, and you are in. Once you are in, you can learn a bit more about the model by clicking on the “I” above the video feed. This will give you a small preview of her big profile, and if you want to see the bigger part, you have to click on “View full profile”

During our experience with the site, we discovered that certain models would put quite a lot of info in their profiles, as you will get to read pretty much anything about them. Some models give so much info that you will feel like you know everything about them. On the other hand, there are models who do not have a single piece of information at all but are yet somehow the most popular models on the site.

When it comes to profile editing from the site’s side, it is not the best, but models who try to work with it can provide a lot of interesting information.

The chat and the video player are nothing special, they are there, and they work as intended. You can request things by tipping, and you can send virtual gifts and links and invite the model to private. Some models will have a remote sex toy that you can control with credits too, which is visible as you enter their room/

Enjoy free galleries from the hottest models

We noticed that a lot of models happen to have a gallery with lots of incredible photos, and the best part is, they are completely free. The images, of course, vary in quality, as these are all uploaded by the models, and the site does not have anything to do with it.

As you browse through the hot photos of models on their profile, there is a button that lets you turn on the “slide show” mode, which will automatically go through all of the uploaded photos for you without the need to click on anything. Having both hands to yourself as pics of your favorite models go by can be quite handy, no pun intended.

The reward program is very generous

Last but not least, it is worth pointing out that there is a reward program. Unlike other sites, which will reward you with some badges and useless titles, FetishGalaxy does not mess around. There are four different tiers: bronze, silver, gold, and VIP. Each tier has its own rewards, and the more you spend on the site, the higher tier you are going to be

The bronze tier gives you 5 bonus credits with every purchase, which is nice; the silver tier gives you 8; gold gives you 25, which is huge; and VIP gives you 30 bonus credits on every purchase, 50 bonus credits whenever you collect 10,000 points and VIP customer support that replies almost instantly. If you happen to like this fetish site, you will certainly be rewarded.

How to sign up on FetishGalaxy

To sign up on FetishGalaxy.com, all you have to do is visit the homepage and click on “SignUp” in the top right corner. Once you do that, a pop-up window will appear where you can fill out your desired information, such as your email, username, and password. After you click on “JOIN FREE,” you will be able to choose to get free credits on your first purchase, but once you click on “GET IT NOW,” you can just close the window for purchasing credits.

How much are tokens on FetishGalaxy

There are four different packages to purchase tokens (credits) on FetishGalaxy.com. The prices of these packages under the default option (credit card) are the following:

Price Per Credit
Total Price
1.198 USD
29.95 USD
1.179 USD
58.95 USD
1.172 USD
87.95 USD
1.149 USD
114.95 USD

How to buy tokens on FetishGalaxy

To buy tokens on Fetish Galaxy, click on your current credit status in the top right corner. If you just registered, it should say “Credit: 0. Once you click on that, the menu with available options will appear. The default billing option is via credit card, but you can change to PayPal or PumaPay. Changing to the other two options also changes the default prices.

After you decide which package you want to purchase, click on “BUY CREDITS” and then fill out your billing information. Once you fill out all the fields, click on “Complete This Secure Purchase,” and you should receive your new credits immediately.

How to get free tokens on FetishGalaxy

When you register for a new account, you will be asked to purchase some tokens. While these are technically not free tokens as you have to make a purchase, if you take this deal and purchase any amount, you will get up to 40 tokens for free. There are no other ways to obtain free tokens at the moment.

Is FetishGalaxy Safe?

Fetish Galaxy is one of the safest sex cam sites that revolve around kinky acts that revolve around all kinds of fetishes. Purchasing credits is completely safe, and you do not have to worry about any privacy leaks or your account being compromised, as the site has never been hacked in the past.

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Fetish Galaxy
  • badge imageLots of fetishes covered
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  • badge imagePornstar shows
Fetish Galaxy
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