10 best Fetish Cams websites

When it comes to the webcam industry, there is a reason why it is so popular, and that reason is that there are all kinds of fetishes that can be fulfilled by the top models on all kinds of platforms. Whether you happen to have a favorite model on Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, StripChat, CamSoda, or some other webcam site, there is a high chance that the model you are following is fulfilling some kind of fetish of yours. If you would like to explore more fetishes and see if there is something else that turns you on, there is no better place to start looking at fetish cams.
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Watch Fetish Cams For Free

In the adult video industry, when it comes to fetish videos, it is quite common to charge customers a premium price if they would like to see some kind of fetish footage. However, when it comes to live sex cams, things are a bit different: there are hundreds of free live sex cam rooms that revolve around some kind of fetish.

Many fetish cams are actually regular cams where you can find all kinds of babes who do not appear to be kinky at first sight. However, once you give a look at their tipping menu, you can discover just how kinky they really are. Of course, when it comes to fetish cams specifically, a lot of models will try to promote the fact that they are kinky so they can bring more viewers to watch their free live sex show.

During a free live sex show, on many sites, like Chaturbate, you can join without registering for an account, and you can enjoy the show for as long as you want without tipping any tokens. Naturally, this means that you are going to see only what the model does on her own, or what other viewers happen to be tipping for. Because of that, even live free sex cams happen to be more enjoyable if you spend some tokens.

Take A Model Private To Fulfill All Of Your Kinks

As enjoyable free fetish cams are, there is nothing better than inviting one of your favorite fetish models to a private session, especially if you know that the model is extremely kinky and that she will go all the way to make you the happiest and horniest person.

In a private session, you will not have to worry about others directing the show. Everything you tell the model, she will be doing just for you, without any interruptions from other viewers. What makes this experience even better is the part where you can turn on your microphone and camera as well, which opens up even more options for the fetishes that the model can do for you. If you happen to have a VR headset, a site like Stripchat can really make you cum fast with its VR cams if you happen to explore some of the most popular webcam models.

Explore The World Of Foot Fetish

There are quite a lot of fetishes to explore in fetish cams, but something that you will notice from a lot of girls, even those who happen to be softcore streamers, is that they are doing pretty much anything related to the foot fetish.

If you happen to have a foot fetish, in fetish cams, you can find hot babes showing off their bare feet to the camera from all kinds of angles. Some may go even as far as stepping onto the camera with their bare feet and combining it with some other model. Certain girls will oil up their feet so they have that amazing glow, that slipperiness which would feel amazing as they are wrapped around a had cock.

Foot fetish has quite a lot of options, and not just displaying bare feet. Models will lick on their toes, paint their nails for you with a closeup, or they will do all of the things you desire and give a footjob to a sex toy or their lover if it happens to be a couple stream.

Latex Fetish Is Quite Popular

While the foot fetish definitely tends to be the most popular one in the camming industry, and in the rest of the adult industry, another fetish that is fairly common is the latex fetish. There are two sides to the latex fetish. The first side which loves seeing hot babes posing in latex outfits that shines so bright under the light, gives them another erotic level.

However, there is also the other side of the latex fetish, and that is the aspect of touch. Latex is quite a unique material, and touching latex or being touched by gloves made out of latex can feel quite exciting, especially if a smoking babe in a latex outfit and gloves wraps her hands around your stiff cock and starts stroking and sucking on it.

Transformation Fetish Is Common

One fetish that not a lot of people realize is a fetish is the transformation fetish. This one is quite interesting, as it revolves around models “transforming” into another being. What makes this fetish so intriguing is the fact that it can be something as innocent as a cute cam girl putting on a pair of cat ears, to something a bit more hardcore where a smoking babe is sticking in a buttplug that happens to be a tail.

There are various lengths models will go to when it comes to the transformation fetish, and if you happen to be interested in models that are fully committed to their craft, then fetish cams will have the best transformation models that you can find on any cam site.

Find Your Findom Model

There are all kinds of domination when it comes to the adult industry, and while physical domination is definitely one of the most popular ones, when it comes to live sex cams, physical domination is just not possible unless a remote sex toy is involved.

However, one fetish that works incredibly well over the internet is the findom fetish, which is also known as financial domination. It might sound like an odd fetish to some, as involves the dominatrix requesting her slave to spoil her and give her money otherwise, she finds them useless. But, financial domination is one of the most popular fetishes in the webcam industry, and there are lots of girls that are waiting to be spoiled by someone who loves to be financially dominated.

Fetish Cams Even Have Baby Fetish

As you go deeper into the fetish cams, you might find some things that might seem a bit unusual, but baby fetish is not one of them, as it is quite common. This fetish involves the cam girl or you dressing up as a baby in a private session, and getting treated as one too.

Orgy Fetish Is Wild

Many would not really call this a fetish, but having the desire to watch a group of people fuck in front of the camera happens to be a group sex fetish, or orgy fetish. This is when there are at least three or more people involved in some kind of sexual scenario, and the more people are involved, the better the options to spice up the show are. There is nothing as wild as inviting a group to a private session so you can orchestrate your personal orgy performance right in front of your eyes.

Anal Pleasures Are Easily Found

While the anal fetish is quite common in the webcam industry today, that was not always the case. Before, models were quite shy about inserting anything into their anal canal, but today, you can find a lot of models who are into this. Because of that, many would not consider anal to be a fetish, but the truth is, that it is. You can find all kinds of sexy models who will spread their ass cheeks and stick a finger, dildo, or perhaps let their lover fuck them as hard as possible in all kinds of positions while they are in front of a camera.

Cosplay Fetish Cams Have Many Models

Considering how popular gaming, comics, and tv shows are, there should be no surprise that a lot of models like to do cosplay. If you did not know, this is considered a fetish. You can find all kinds of models doing cosplay on live sex cams. Some of the models might be doing sexy version of you favorite fictional characters from popular video games, anime, or any other fictional universe. Checking out fetish cams for the cosplay fetish is definitely worth it if you ever wanted to see how your favorite character would look if she was real an kinky.

Find Hot Models In Stockings

Lingerie is somewhat a fetish, but one part of lingerie that happens to stand out the most is the one related to stockings. What makes stockings so amazing, is similar to what was mentioned about the latex fetish. The visual aspect of stockings can make already sexy babes, those who happen to have the perfect body and long legs even sexier. Stockings come in all kinds of materials and forms, and each gives a different contrast to the model.

The other thing is that imagining how caressing a model in stockings feels like is quite easy, and it also enhances some other fetishes, such as the cosplay fetish, and of course, the foot fetish. When a hot babe wears stockings and soaks them in oil while flaunting her feet in front of the camera, you are bound to get completely erect.

Watch Lusty Models Squirt

While most fetishes can be performed by pretty much anyone if they happen to be committed to their live webcam sex career, one fetish that only babes with real talent can do is the squirting fetish. You can easily find a lot of sexy chicks who will start squirting on demand during their live sex show, and some will squirt so much that they will soak up their couch, carpet, and the towel they are sitting on, and you might even see a splash hit the camera.

BDSM Is Something Many Models Are Into

Of course, talking about fetish cams is almost pointless if BDSM does not get a mention. BDSM covers quite a wide aspect of fetishes, and pretty much any other fetish can be combined with it. However, what people relate mostly with BDSM are paddles, clamps, ropes, chains, and of course, gag balls. You can find a lot of sexy models who will tie themselves up or spank their asses with a paddle until it's bruised, among other kinky things that are related to BDSM.

Models With A Daddy Fetish Await

As you explore the world of fetish cams, you will find quite a lot of girls who are looking for a daddy figure to spoil them. Some might want to get spoiled with words, some might get spoiled with money, and some might want to get spoiled with attention. When you enter the daddy fetish rooms, be ready to be called daddy.

Watch Pregnant Babes On Fetish Cams

The baby fetish was mentioned earlier, but this fetish is not related to that at all. In the camming industry, especially when it comes to certain cam categories, like Indian cams, you will be able to find a lot of pregnant models. If you like watching hot naked babes that have developed a pregnant belly, then fetish cams are great to explore.

Lactating Babes Can Be Found On Fetish Cams

One thing related to the pregnant fetish is often the lactation fetish. This is a fetish where people get turned on by hot babes who have developed a big pair of natural tits during their pregnancy and are leaking milk from it. Some babes can do incredible lactating performances where they can squirt milk from their boobs on demand in incredible amounts, while others can only make a smaller amount of lactation through their shirt, which is still astonishingly hot.

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