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  • Variety of models
  • Free content
  • Search options

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  • Ads
  • No App
  • badge imageVariety of models
  • badge imageFree content
  • badge imageSearch options

What is Chaturbate?

It is an adult website that features live webcam performers who can range from amateurs who are just feeling horny to pornstars that you might have seen in some award-winning adult films from various websites. Recently, it has become one of the best platforms for live sex webcams, especially for amateurs, due to its catchy name and also the part where everyone can watch and broadcast all content.

Chaturbate Review

When it comes to adult webcam sites, one that needs no introduction is Chaturbate, as it became quite popular due to its name, which is now often used as a term when someone wants to go and browse for live webcam models. While the site has been around since 2011, it took a few years to gain popularity, and since then, it has gotten a lot of updates and quality of life changes.

From those updates, the design is more or less the same, but the way both new and old users can discover new models and keep track of what their favorite ones are up to is much better than it was before. But that is not all, as Chaturbate constantly seems to be adding something to improve their platform every year, which regular users might already be familiar with.

Chaturbate is as modern as it gets

The design that Chaturbate has is probably one of the best ones among all camming sites, as it has both light and dark modes available, and everything is easily accessible. Those who are new to the platform will immediately get to see the most popular models that are online at that moment. Since Chaturbate is not exclusive to any gender, you can see female, male, transgender, and even group rooms as the most popular ones at the time of your visit.

Navigating Chaturbate is exceptionally easy, as you can easily see featured women, men, couples, and trans models only with a click of a button. You can also go to the “Discover” tab, which will feature the most popular, new, specific communities, your favorite tag, and more. When it comes to discovering new performers and members, Chaturbate really made sure that it is the best of the best in that aspect.

Of course, you can also search by tags, which you can easily get a full list of. On the complete list, you can see how many viewers each tag has and how many rooms are using that tag too. Suppose you want to narrow your search even further. In that case, you can use the search bar or click on the cogwheel for additional options, such as selecting visible regions and turning certain settings on and off, as well as how rooms will represent themselves.

By default, you will only see tags and broadcasts from all regions, and the thumbnails will refresh every sixty seconds to whatever state the live show was in. There are no avatars that most cam sites tend to use on Chaturbate, which is a big plus.

Experience almost everything as a free member

One amazing thing about Chaturbate is that as a free member, you can access almost everything the website offers. You can join rooms, chat with other members within those rooms, follow models to track them as your favorites, and get notifications when they are live. Of course, you can even become a model yourself with a quick and easy setup.

There is an option to upgrade to a premium membership, which is a monthly subscription. With it, you are going to gain 200 tokens, the option to send private messages, customized chat messages, animated room previews, and, most importantly, no ads.

Lots of models with various backgrounds

What makes Chaturbate one of the favorites in the adult webcam industry is that anyone is welcome. As we mentioned, you can easily become a broadcaster yourself as soon as you make an account. In fact, if you bring a friend who does become a broadcaster and makes $20 in tips, you will get 500 tokens for free.

Because of that, there are quite a lot of amateur cam girls, guys, transgender, and couples who are seeking stardom through this platform. However, there are also a lot of popular pornstars that you have probably seen on some other webcam platforms or adult content sites, even premium ones.

No matter if it is an amateur show or one hosted by a pornstar, you can still tune into them as a free member if the show they are doing is not one that is private or locked behind a paywall which is usually a few tickets.

There is quite a big benefit to the way that Chaturbate works, without any restriction on who is a broadcaster, as the variety of performances is bigger than on any other site. You will be able to find solo sessions where models are just chatting with their community. Some of them might be playing games, some might be cooking or drawing, and of course, the majority is doing something naughty, from casual stripping and flashing good bits to hardcore BDSM sessions for the kinkiest members of the community.

Naturally, because there are so many members, it can be quite difficult to choose who you are going to spend your tokens on the moment you register on the site, which is also an effortless thing to do. To help new and older members, there is a like and dislike “Satisfaction score” on all profiles, which can be voted on only after someone tipped the model.

If the model fulfilled the request they were tipped for, users would vote positively, and those who are unsatisfied would have the option to do the opposite. While this scoring system is great, it can be abused, which is why it will only track votes from the past 90 days and is displayed in a percentage ratio.

Profiles are very customizable

Speaking of profiles, every model has one, and you can have one too. The profiles are definitely the best part of the site, as they are essentially the room where the model goes live. That is right; the profile and the video stream are on the same page, which is very helpful.

Once you enter a live session, all you have to do is scroll down a bit, and you will be able to see all the basic information, such as the performer’s real name, the number of followers, birth date, age, and more. But, if you scroll down even further, past the basic info, you will reach the “About me” section, which is usually fully customized by the models on the site.

This section is what shows off the model’s personality and what you can expect from their room. Here, you will be able to find the tipping menu, honorary members of the community (highest tippers, usually), members of the fan club, Amazon wish lists, and anything else that the model wants to share with their viewers.

Of course, like on any other cam site, some models will have photo albums and videos that you can purchase with tokens and access to their social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more. Some users will also have their social media shared for free.

Last but not least, one amazing feature that you can take advantage of while visiting someone’s profile is the “Scan For Cams” button, which will automatically cycle through live shows for you every fifteen seconds until you stop. This will let you kick back and relax without having to use the mouse to browse through the content yourself.

You can also enjoy Chaturbate on the go

Before we discuss the Chaturbate app, if you happen to be an iOS user; unfortunately, there is no app for your platform. The app is only available on Google Play, but because of its limited availability, it runs like clockwork.

The Chaturbate mobile app is a nice compact version of the website, as you can easily access everything on a smaller screen. It is very fluent and well-organized, and you will quickly find all the features that you are used to on the desktop version. It is quite a surprise that the app does not take a lot of memory and RAM, considering how well it works, which makes it the perfect on-the-go adult sex cam mobile app, especially if Chaturbate is already your favorite choice.

How to sign up on Chaturbate

To sign up on Chaturbate, all you have to do is click on the “SIGN UP” button that is highlighted in orange on the homepage. It is located on the top menu on the far right. Once you click on it, you can choose to sign up with your Google account, but you can also just fill out the empty fields and create a free account. After creating your account, you will have to verify your e-mail to access all features.

How much are tokens on Chaturbate

There are many options when it comes to purchasing tokens on Chaturbate, and you can also upgrade your membership to a Premium one.

Premium Membership 
19.95 USD / Month 
Price Per Token
Total Price
5.99 USD
0.11 USD
10.99 USD
0.10 USD
20.99 USD
0.10 USD
39.99 USD
0.09 USD
49.99 USD

How to buy tokens on Chaturbate

To purchase tokens on Chaturbate, click on “(Get More)” on the top right next to the number of tokens that you have. Then, select the payment option you wish to use, and then select the amount you want to purchase before continuing to checkout. If you want to increase your spending limit, you can click on “Raise your spending limit” and follow the instructions.

How to get free tokens on Chaturbate

There are a few ways that you can get free tokens on Chaturbate. The most common and easiest way to do so is through the refer-a-friend system. By making someone register over your affiliate link, you will get ten tokens, and if they broadcast themselves and earn at least $20 in tips, you will get 500 tokens for free.

The other way to earn free tokens is to fill out the form to increase your spending limit, where you will receive 200 tokens for free. However, in order to receive these 200 tokens, you will first have to spend money yourself, so technically, you can also get “free” 200 tokens by upgrading to a Premium membership too.

Is Chaturbate Safe?

Chaturbate is one of the safest live webcam sites as it does not sell your data and was never hacked. The site also does not track your location, and all of the models you see on the site are actual people. There are no bots on the platform, and if someone ever attempts to have a fake broadcast, they are suspended quite quickly after being reported to customer support.

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