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  • Free cam shows
  • Pornstars
  • Mobile Version

Negative points

  • Some ads
  • badge imageFree cam shows
  • badge imagePornstars
  • badge imageMobile Version

What is CamSoda

Everyone who is looking for a live sex cam site where you can use tokens to tip sexy models for all kinds of naughty things or spend some time in the private chat where you have complete power to direct the show will love CamSoda. This website has been around for a very long time, and due to its long-lasting reign in the webcam industry, you can easily find girls, as well as other people who have a lot of experience in this popular adult internet service.

CamSoda Review

The first thing that you will notice when you visit, is that there are quite a lot of live models. However, what we found a bit overwhelming and perhaps a bit annoying was the fact that all of the live sex rooms were moving at the same time. This is one of those features that might seem like a good idea on paper, but when someone visits the website for the first time, the experience is not the best.

The design is generally good, but a bit crowded

Of course, when you visit CamSoda the first time, you are going to see it as a free and unregistered user, so it is only fair for us to start reviewing it from that perspective. Because free users, both unregistered and registered, have ads, some menus are going to be hidden by ads, and depending on the ads you get, sometimes you might not be able to tell the difference between an ad and a live cam room.

Other than the slightly-messy layout, the color palate is quite nice, as it uses a combination of blue, white, and some pink here and there. While browsing the platform during the day is not that big of a deal during the day, once you get into a live cam room, the bright white might be a bit stressful on the eyes if you are enjoying these live free sex cams at night.

Registering is easy

As a free user, one of the first pop-ups from the website that you are going to get is the one that wants you to register. Some people might consider this a bit annoying, but registering is quite easy, as you can do it in a minute, and once you do, the pop-up will not bother you anymore. Unfortunately, the ads are still going to stick around when you register for basic membership.

There is a wide variety of models

Being online for as long as CamSoda is, there should be no surprise that there are hundreds of models online at any time of the day. Cam Soda does not focus on a specific gender, as you will be able to find female, male, couple, and trans shows that offer some naughty adult content. Of course, the majority of models are still girls, like it is on most cam platforms.

When it comes to the type of performers you can watch, the variety is as wide as the physical shapes of the performers. You can find sexy models who just want to show off their desirable figures while they are wearing sexy outfits, ones who will strip off their clothes, ones who like to penetrate or play around with some sex toys, and you can find offers that will really want to make you go premium and then take the model to a private session.

Searching for something that interests you easily

There is a search bar, but unless you know the name of the model you are looking for, this feature is not very useful. Instead, you will want to use the filters on the left side of the page. To narrow the search as much as possible so you can find the perfect model for you, you can mark more filters at once, and as you keep marking them, the live models are going to filter instantly.

Of course, if you mark too many filters, at some point, the results are not going to show only a few models, and sometimes, these are not going to be the most accurate to your search, as there are always models who will just try to fit as many tags as possible onto their profile.

The best way to browse for models when you join the site is to go through the featured ones or to check out only a few tags and browse through the pages manually. Because the thumbnails are represented by snapshots of things that are happening during the live show, if you see something you like in the thumbnail, you can easily hop into the room and view the show for free.

There are some rooms that you cannot enter for free, and those are private shows. The price of watching private shows depends on how much money the people are charging for them. Some private shows can be quite cheap, while others can be very expensive, and they are charged per minute. Of course, private sessions are some of the best experiences that you can have while watching live webcam shows.

Profiles could use some work

The thing that makes or breaks a cam site usually tends to be how models can customize their profiles, and when it comes to ones that are on Cam Soda, they are not the best. While models can share all of the information that they want on their profile, the way they can do that and the way they can see it is not ideal. There are no separate profile pages, as they are part of live rooms, and if you want to see everything that the model is offering, you will have to scroll down quite a bit.

Of course, models also have a separate section on their profiles where they can upload all kinds of media, such as photos and videos. These can either be accessed for free or can be unlocked for a fixed token price. Once you purchase one of these media folders with tokens, you can find them later in the “My media” part of the site.

You can browse for top media

If you are curious what are the hottest photos and videos that the site has to offer, then CamSoda has something nice in store for you, which are the “Soda Vids” and “Top Vids” tabs. Here you will be able to find media that has been purchased or watched the most, which is another nice way to get introduced to some hot models that you can tune in to when you want to view some naughty free content.

The premium membership is a nice upgrade

Usually, the premium membership does not offer that many benefits on cam sites, but at Cam Soda, it certainly changes the way you can experience it. For starters, once you subscribe to a premium membership, you will not see any of those annoying ads.

Other than that, you can change the volume of the tips you are giving to the model instead of the fixed amounts, and you can message them privately as well. Naturally, messaging them privately does not always mean you are going to get the answer, but if you get close or familiar with the model, it is a useful feature as you can communicate with each other without exposing any personal information like a social media account or a phone number.

You can also get access to stealth mode, which is an option that will let you join rooms without the models knowing that you are there. This is useful if you want to see if the model is ever walking about you or if something is different when you are not around. Sending tips anonymously is also an option.

The mobile version of the site is not too shabby

While there is no official App for the site on the official Google or App store, you can download an apk if you are comfortable installing it on your phone. Doing so is going to make things a bit easier when you are browsing it on your phone, but you can experience the same thing by just visiting the mobile version of the site too. It is responsive and easy to browse, but of course, it is not as nearly as good as the desktop version.

How to sign up on CamSoda

Signing up on CamSoda is very easy. All you have to do is click on the “JOIN NOW FREE” button that is located at the top right corner of the site as soon as you visit it. Once you do that, fill out the required information, and create a free account. Of course, if you want, you can also register through your Google account, but we suggest signing up with something that is not connected to your social media, even if the information is not shared.

How much are tokens on CamSoda

Depending on the type of payment you select, the tokens are going to be priced differently. For the sake of convenience, we are going to talk about credit card token prices, as credit cards are the option that is mostly used. The difference in price is quite minimal when other options are selected, with about 5-10% difference on the best deals.

There is also an option to purchase a monthly membership which will give you access to special features that are not available to basic users. We discussed this earlier in the review.

Monthly Membership
19.95 USD / Month
Price Per Token
Total Price
0.12 USD
5.99 USD
0.10 USD
10.99 USD
0.10 USD
31.99 USD
0.09 USD
39.99 USD
0.09 USD
49.99 USD
0.08 USD
69.99 USD
0.08 USD

How to buy tokens on CamSoda

To purchase tokens at Cam Soda, click on “ADD TOKENS” that is highlighted in orange. After that, you will be able to select between a couple of different payment options, and depending on the option you select, the prices are going to change. No matter what option you choose, after you click on “Purchase Tokens Now,” you will be redirected to a page to fill out the rest of the info for your desired option. Once you do that, you will purchase the tokens, and they will be added to your account.

How to get free tokens on CamSoda

There are a few ways to get free tokens on CamSoda. The easiest way to get free tokens is to simply be lucky, as CamSoda is giving away 50 free tokens to 10 users every hour. There are a few other promotional ways that you can get some free tokens through their social media, but they are not up all the time. However, while those are a repeatable way to get free tokens, there are a few one-time deals that you can take advantage of.

The first one is to click on “ADD TOKENS” and select the “25 tokens for $0 (FREE)” option. After you select this, you will have to provide your credit card information to the platform, but you will not be charged. The second option of getting 200 free tokens is not completely free. In order to receive the 200 “free” tokens, you will have to purchase one month of the premium membership, which costs 19.95 USD.

Is CamSoda Safe?

The great thing about CamSoda is that the platform is very safe. It is based on HTTPS and uses SSL encryption, so you can rest assured that your information is safe. There is also support for payment which is the security handled by Epoch and SegPay, two reputable ways of payment security. On top of that, customer support is great, as they will usually answer in a short time span, and they will help you with any issues, especially if you are a paying member.

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