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Good points

  • Search filters
  • Bonus Credits
  • Lots of models

Negative points

  • Mobile App
  • No live previews
  • Limited Favorites
  • badge imageSearch filters
  • badge imageBonus Credits
  • badge imageLots of models

What is LiveJasmin

It is an adult cam site where you can find hundreds of sexy models from all over the world. Models range from amateurs who are just starting their rise to fame in the webcam and adult industry to porn stars who are already well-known. Watching most live shows is free and requires no account, but like with other cam sites, LiveJasmin offers the best experience to users who register, and become a free member, at least.

LiveJasmin Review

Considering that LiveJasmin has been one of the first live webcam sites on the web, as it launched back in 2001, it is quite impressive that the site is still around, and not only that, but it is also quite competitive. LiveJasmin is a powerhouse in the webcam industry, which is expected due to its age and high quality, as well as the fact that you might have seen an advertisement pop-up for this site as you browsed through adult content on the internet. However, even with so much experience, you can still expect to find a few flaws that will be mentioned in this review.

Fitting design with minor inconveniences

One thing that everyone knows LiveJasmin for is the great red color palate that the site uses. When it comes to adult and naughty activities, there are no better colors to represent them than different shades of red. Of course, as amazingly thematic as the colors are, some people might find it a bit too bright.

Browsing LiveJasmin is quite an enjoyable experience, as everything has its place, and the points of interest are usually highlighted and easily noticed, like the button to create a free account for those who are yet to venture into LiveJasmin and the sexy models that it has to offer.

While browsing through models, categories, and all the options that the site has is relatively easy, one minor flaw that we would like to point out is that all webcam previews will use avatars instead of live thumbnails. At least, that is the case until you hover over it with your mouse cursor, which is a bit of an annoying experience since the avatars can be a bit deceiving for certain models.

Available in different languages

Something that not a lot of cam sites tend to do is offer different localization, and does a fantastic job at that, as there are nineteen different languages to choose from. This is quite helpful for those who are not fluent in English, as there are various menus to navigate on the site. As a bit of a disclaimer, since we are not fluent in all the languages available, the localization might not be perfect for all the available options.

Wide variety and number of models

What makes Live Jasmin such an incredible cam site is the fact that there are just so many models and that the variety in their performances is absolutely incredible. Since the site is not gender-exclusive, you will be able to find female, male, and transgender models. Those are then divided further into all kinds of categories. Whether you are looking for gay, lesbian, mature, BBW, busty, pregnant, or any other type of model, you will be able to find dozens, if not hundreds, online at any time of the day or night.

Because models are from all over the world, you can expect to see different models if you check out the site at a different time each day. You can also find models that will do certain acts or wear specific clothes quite easily, as there are numerous categories such as fingering, double penetration, foot fetish, JOI, leather, roleplay, striptease, and more.

You can even combine filters in order to find the perfect cam girl that you are looking for. The filters in the search options cover almost everything that you would want from advanced search options, such as different categories, show types, willingness, language, age, ethnicity, appearance, breast size, butt size, hair, height, build, and the region of the world. Finding exactly what you are looking for has never been easier.

Detailed profiles

Because there are so many models, it is essential that the site allows them to customize their profiles in such ways that they can stand out from each other, and oh boy, does it do a good job at that. The first thing that has to be mentioned is that you can experience the complete profile while having the live show open. There is no need to open a different window like you would have to do on some other live webcam sex sites.

If the show is live and running, you can find all the profile info as you scroll down. The room will include all the information the model is willing to share with their viewers, such as their name, age, what they are into, and pretty much anything that would help another user find their profile with the advanced search we talked about earlier.

Besides the info that helps the model get found through filters, the more popular ones are going to have massive galleries of pictures and videos that you can enjoy for free, but also ones that you can unlock with credits only. You can easily filter out if you want to see free or premium content only.

One strange thing about the content that you can unlock with credits, which some people also call tokens, is the part that the content you unlock is not permanently unlocked. The content is unlocked only for 90 days, and after that, you will have to unlock it again, which is a bit of an odd way to monetize things.

Of course, the standard of “Fan Clubs” can also be found on LiveJasmin. Each model has a fixed price to join the fan club, which is divided into three tiers: Bronze for 5.99 USD, Silver for $21.99 USD, and Gold for $42.99 USD.

Membership is renewed every thirty days, and the content you receive depends purely on the model that you subscribe to, and unless you have the Gold membership, you will still have to pay for Premium stories, but you will have a discount. Fan Club members can also send special surprises to the model, which are essentially big tips.

Many features are available to free members

Naturally, like with most live sex cams, the best experience is reserved for those who will purchase some credits, which, as always, we will cover later in the review. However, as a free member, you can visit live cams that are not in a private session or locked behind a premium membership (which is instantly unlocked by purchasing credits).

Once you enter a live show, if the model does not turn off chat for members who do not have credits, you can send messages in the public chat, but you cannot send a message privately, as each private message costs credits. The same can be said for taking a model to a private room, which also costs credits per minute.

When it comes to interacting with the player, you can do all kinds of things, such as resizing the window, changing the resolution, changing the volume, and of course, you can add the model to your favorite list. It is important to note that as a free member, you will be limited to having only 50 favorites, which is something that LiveJasmin did not have in the past, and we hope that they revert the implementation of this new feature.

Premium members can experience more than you expect

Usually, there is not that big of a difference between free members and premium ones. However, since LiveJasmin already allows every free member so many options, there has to be a bit of a step-up in quality for those who spend money on the site. We already mentioned some of the things that you can do with credits, such as messaging the model, inviting them to a private session, making requests, sending surprises, and unlocking premium media content.

But there are some other options that you might not find on other cam sites. One of them is C2C, which is cam-to-cam, where you can enter a private session where the model is going to see you as well. There is also a more private way of doing this, which is to only turn on your microphone and not your webcam as well. Some models will also have widgets for special games, such as Truth or Dare, and you can also take a snapshot of the live show at the cost of 0.5 credits.

Club Elite unlocks different options

As you spend credits in any kind of way, your profile is going to level up. Leveling is based on a point system, where each level requires more points but also has a multiplier that increases the worth of each credit that you spend. Your profile will begin with no level, and you will need 15 points to reach the rank of Crush, 50 for Lover, 250 for Sweetheart, 1000 for Lancelot, 5000 for Romeo, and 15000 for Casanova.

At the moment, there are not that many benefits of having higher levels other than getting the option to add more models to your favorites list and to award points to your favorite models to help them win competitions that are held by the site.

It is also important to note that you will lose points every day based on your rank. In order to maintain the rank of Casanove, you will lose 15 points daily, so with its 2.25 multiplier for points; you would have to spend seven credits to maintain that level. Of course, it should go without saying that models will show more respect to those who are at a higher level than those who are Lover or Crush.

The phone app is a good mobile experience

Before we discuss the app, we have to mention that you will, unfortunately, not find it in the Google Play or App store. Instead, you will have to visit the site via your phone’s browser and download it from there.

Luckily, the app works with both Android and iOS devices, and it keeps the great design that the website has. Because it does not take a lot of memory or Ram on the phone, it is the perfect app for those who are fans of watching hot live models while on the go, as you can enjoy pretty much everything that you would outside of the app in the browser, but in a more mobile-optimized way.

How to sign up on LiveJasmin

Signing up on LiveJasmin is quite simple, as all you have to do is click on the “Join Now for FREE” button that is located on the top right of the homepage. It is highlighted in yellow, so you cannot miss it. Once you click on it, fill the empty spaces with your desired username, password, and e-mail. After filling in all the info, click on “Join Now for FREE,” and the site will automatically log you in, but you will still have to verify in order to use all features that are available for free users

How much are tokens on LiveJasmin

Surprisingly, there are not that many options when it comes to purchasing credits, even if they are the only thing you can buy besides the Fan Club subscriptions that we mentioned earlier in the review.

Price per credit
Total Price
1.36 USD
38.15 USD
1.25 USD
84.79 USD
1.22 USD
119.77 USD
1.20 USD
189.73 USD

How to buy tokens on LiveJasmin

To purchase tokens or credits as they are called on LiveJasmin, simply click on “Get Credits,” which is located on the top right side of the homepage. After a new menu opens, select which option you are interested in, fill out the necessary information to complete the purchase, and you are done.

It is important to mention that the default option for purchasing is via Credit/Debit card, but if you click on the “Payment Method” button that can be seen before you select the number of credits you want to purchase, you can switch the payment method to Paypal or Cryptocurrencies.

How to get free tokens on LiveJasmin

There is only one way to get free tokens on Live Jasmin, and the way to get them is a bit hard to find. What you have to do in order to gain 9.99 credits for 0$ is:

  1. Create a free account on Livejasmin
  2. Click on “Get Credits”
  3. Click on the tiny “X” in the top right corner of the menu.
  4. Once the new pop-up appears, select the 9.99 credits for free option.
  5. Enter your credit card information. Do not worry. You will not be charged.
  6. Enjoy your free credits.

Is LiveJasmin Safe?

LiveJasmin is one of the oldest cam sites in the industry, as it launched on November 12th, 2001, which is often referred to as the early days of the internet service. It has been in business ever since then, and it has never been hacked, nor has it sold any information that the users have shared with the site. While the site does track approximate location, you should not be worried about your privacy or anything else that could compromise you, as Livejasmin is completely safe.

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