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Good points

  • Thousands Of Models
  • Easy To Navigate
  • Promotions on Tokens

Negative points

  • Some Streams Are Laggy
  • Video Not Resizable
  • Tokens often required
  • badge imageThousands Of Models
  • badge imageEasy To Navigate
  • badge imagePromotions on Tokens

Stripchat is a webcam site that hosts women, men, and transgender models who host their own live cam shows that you can tune in and watch. They also have tipping menus that indicate how many tokens you can tip in order to see them do something specific, or you can take them to a private session.

Stripchat Review

Upon entering strip chat, you will immediately get to choose what type of cam models you want to see. You can choose between girls, guys, and transgender models, once you make your selection and enter the site, you will get models that fit that category, but you can visit other sections of Stripchat through the menus if that is what you are interested in.

The Design Is Fitting

The site uses a black and red color pallet, which is perfect for what it is meant to represent, and the placement of menus is nicely done too. Browsing Stripchat feels very responsive, and there was never a situation where something felt out of place or felt out of reach. On top of the page, you can see how many cam girls and guys are online, and the numbers are usually in thousands, and you can also access the top live models with a click of a button, along with some other options that we are going to go over later.

Because Stripchat welcomes models from all over the world, you can find new ones consistently if you just visit the site at a different time of the day. With that said, Stripchat is a great place to meet hot cam models from different places, but if you are looking for serious relationships and if you want to flirt with other single people, this is probably not for you.

Registering Is Advised

While you can browse without registering for an account, the site is the best experience if you do it, as it gives you access to all of the features that the site has in the menus on the homepage. Registering is completely free, and it takes less than a minute to do.

Once the registration is complete, you’ll get to filter out the models you are interested in with even more detail, such as filtering out those within a certain age range, race and ethnicity, and body type. This filter works quite accurately, but if you want to expand your browsing from the recommended page, you can find all the possible categories on the right menu.

If the category you are interested in is not available there, you can expand it by clicking on “All categories +” at the bottom of the menu. Naturally, you can also use the search bar on top, but it is best to use categories, as the search bar shows results to specific keyword combinations only.

Many Different Interactions

Today, a lot of performers, no matter the category, usually give viewers the option to provide them with pleasure through interactive sex toys. These toys can provide different patterns to the model to stimulate sexual pleasure, and they are what make webcam shows even more exciting.

When it comes to watching live webcam shows on Stripchat, as a viewer, you will have a lot of options. You can easily change the quality of the show, chat, send tips, add the model to your favorites list, and even record the live public show at the cost of some tokens.

Speaking of the quality of the show, because there are models from all over the world, some will have a better connection than others, which makes the quality very inconsistent. You should be prepared to see rooms that are barely loading or that have unwatchable quality.

One thing that might bother some users is that the windows are not resizable and that you will have to commit to the default size or go fullscreen. This can be a bit troublesome when you are on a laptop, as things are usually too small if you want to see both the chat and the show.

Something that Stripchat also has as a feature on live webcam shows is the Wheel of Fortune. This is a feature where you can tip and spin the wheel to receive one of the rewards that are available on the wheel. You can see all of the available rewards within the Wheel of Fortune feature.

It is important to point out that some performers have different options where you can tip more for an even better reward. The cheaper Wheel of Fortune can feature things like spanking, a kiss, and flashing, while the more expensive version can feature some better rewards such as a full strip show, masturbation with a sex toy, oiling up, and more.

Profile Pages Offer Additional Content

Naturally, each model has their profile page, which you have to visit manually after opening its live session. On the profile page, you will be able to see the tipping menu as well as other information such as their interests, broadcast schedule, photos and videos that you can unlock with tokens, and more. Some models also have fan clubs, which are subscription-based services where you will get special content from them.

Considering that Stripchat is a website that hosts independent cams, each model has a different profile, so the experience can vary depending on the category that you are interested in, the time of the day that you are browsing the website, and of course, what other members are present in the room that you are in.

While the platform is focused on offering users the option to browse through all kinds of cams, members that share the room can have a significant impact on the feeling of the site. For instance, models who have rooms that are filled with members, the ones who have been camming for years, will usually be more entertaining to watch than some models who have just a few members.

So, if you enter a room where there are a few other viewers, you should be prepared to make a payment for pretty much anything that the model is going to do for their viewers, so you might as well take them to a private session. Of course, even if Stripchat is focused on sex cams, that is not what all of the rooms are about all the time.

Many models will have a schedule where they have days where they focus on a certain theme to entertain their viewers with a certain program in mind while making requests based on the tipping menu on others. At the end of the day, both models and viewers are here to have a good time.

Level Your Account By Being Active

As you browse Stripchat, watch live shows, and purchase and spend tokens, your account will gain levels, which will give you additional perks such as making albums you post public, having a special badge on your profile and in the chat, and you can even gain ultimate membership for free.

After making a purchase of photos or videos, you can easily track all purchases in the “My Media Collection” section of the site, which is easily accessible on the right menu. When it comes to subscribing to fan clubs, content from this is also located in this section.

The ultimate membership is something that you can unlock with a monthly subscription, and it will allow you to message models privately, have a badge in the chat, turn on invisible mode, use emojis, and moderation powers, anonymous tips, and 24/7 customer.

Do keep in mind that leveling by watching models is only possible until level 9, which is the last grey league tier. After that, the only way to level is by making your first token purchase with real money which will give you 500 XP, by verifying your email for five XP, and by spending tokens. Each token spent on tipping or unlocking content will grant you five experience.

Various Opportunities For Free Tokens

What is really great about Stripchat is that they have quite a lot of promotions that revolve around giving free tokens to their viewers. Most of these giveaways are done through social media posts, but you will often get a notification if you can participate in some kind of giveaway while you are watching your favorite girl or guy in action. Joining these giveaways requires just a simple click of a button, and you can receive up to 500 tokens, which will count into leveling your account, even if you did not make a payment for them.

VR Version Of The Site

Something that makes Stripchat a bit different from other sites is the part where they have a section dedicated to VR cams. While this seems interesting at first sight, it is a double-edged sword, as a lot of this feature depends on which VR headset the user is using and what kind of setup the model has.

Having VR sex with live girls is something that every webcam enthusiast would give a shot at. However, if the model did not put any effort into setting up this option, the experience is not going to look that great, and the same can be said if the viewer is using a low-resolution headset.

Mobile App Exists But Is Not Needed

It is worth noting that there is a Stripchat app, but it is not accessible over the Google Playstore o the Apple App Store. Instead, you will have to download and install it through the APK file, and you can do it for free.

While installing the app is not done in the most user-friendly way, it certainly works decently. It is compatible with almost all devices, and it is very easy to use. Of course, there is not much need for this app as it will not give you any extra features, considering that the mobile version of the site is the same as the desktop one.

To register, all you have to do is click on “Create free account” at the top right of the page. After you fill out your desired information, you will immediately be logged in, but you will have to confirm your email to finish your registration and find out what your password is.

The prices of tokens available for purchase on Stripchat are available in many different packages, and they can be purchased with a few different credit/debit card options, Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Ether, and other crypto. More expensive packages will give some sort of a discount, starting at 10% and going up to 30% for all options besides crypto, which have bigger packages that give up to 40% discounts. Even larger packages are available to those who have a history of buying big on Stripchat.

 Price Per Token
 Total Price

How to buy tokens on Stripchat

To buy tokens at Stripchat, all you have to do is click on the “+” icon in the top right corner, or you can click on your current token number and then “Buy Tokens.” After that, simply select what package you would like to purchase.

How to get free tokens on Stripchat

There are two ways that you can get free tokens on Stripchat. The first way is a one-time deal, where you will get five tokens upon verifying your email. The other option is to have a chance to win 50 tokens every hour by entering the giveaway. For this, you also need to have a verified email address, and there can be only ten lucky winners every hour. After you claim your prize this way, you must claim it within 10 minutes.

You can also get free tokens from social media contests and promos that you can find on different social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

Is Stripchat Safe?

Using Stripchat is completely safe, and your privacy is something that you do not have to worry about. All of the information you provide when purchasing tokens is hidden from the public, and any personal information that others will be able to see is only the one that you put on your profile. All of the models that you see are real, and they stream their content in real-time. Anyone who is caught using a fake recording for their live session is suspended as soon as possible, so you do not have to worry about being scammed.

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