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Good points

  • Easy to browse
  • Hundreds of models
  • Most Content Free

Negative points

  • Expensive Pornstar Show
  • Profiles are hard to find
  • Few males or Trans
  • badge imageEasy to browse
  • badge imageHundreds of models
  • badge imageMost Content Free

What is ImLive

It is an adult live sex webcam site where you can find models from all over the world that are streaming naughty performances. It is one of the best ways to experience adult content, as you can have the power to direct the show and see exactly what you are looking for from the model. You can do that by purchasing tokens and tipping for desired acts. Of course, if you just want to sit back, relax, and watch the show for free, you can do that too.

ImLive Review

There are only a few webcam sites that date to those young years of the internet, and ImLive is certainly one of them, as it launched all the way back in 2002. Since then, the site has gone through various changes, and it will probably keep doing so in order to keep up with the trends in the webcam industry.

The design is a mix of old and new

What we really like about the site is that even if it changed quite a bit throughout the years, it still manages to keep those old-school vibes on its homepage. The whole top menu bar gives that distinct minimalist feeling that we could see back in the 2000s, and while some may consider that to be a downside, we think it is a nice homage to its roots, and to be honest, it functions quite well from the browsing perspective.

Of course, there are also modernized aspects that make browsing ImLive enjoyable. One such great example is the thumbnails that you can see as soon as you visit the site. They will take most of the homepage, so they are quite hard to miss. All of the thumbnails use the avatar system to present the models that are online, where some of them are animated.

While avatar thumbnails can be quite deceiving, as they will usually be perfectly photoshopped pictures of the models, you can easily hover your mouse over the thumbnail and see the current state of the live show, which is quite nice. Do keep in mind if the model is in a private session, you will mostly get an animated teaser instead of the live show.

There is also a multi-viewer part of the site where you can browse through multiple live shows at once, which is great if you are new and you are not sure what you are looking for. However, there is a bit of a downside with this because even with the best internet connection and PC, all six windows that open are going to be a bit laggy.

Lots of female hosts

The first thing that is worth pointing out is that on ImLive, models are referred to as hosts, so to avoid any confusion, that is how we are going to refer to them in the review from now on. On ImLive there are hundreds of female hosts online at any time, and the number of total female hosts is in the thousands.

As you visit the site, you will automatically be given female hosts, and on top of the list, you will see the most popular ones that are online and live. When it comes to the diversity of models, like on any cam site today, there are models of all ages, ethnicities, shapes, sizes, and of course, interests.

No model is the same, which might seem a bit overwhelming, but there are ways to narrow your search through the advanced search options and filters that we are going to talk about later. Watching all hosts is completely free as long as they are not a pornstar and if they are not in a private session.

Male and trans host numbers are low

Unfortunately, while there are a lot of girls, MILFs, and matures to browse through, when it comes to male and trans hosts, their numbers are quite low. No matter when you visit the site, there are going to be only a few dozen trans hosts online and even fewer male hosts. With this said, there are no couple streams at all.

There are many filters to narrow your search

Besides a large number of hosts that takes most of the page, the second thing that you are probably going to notice are the filters which are located on the right side. By using these filters, you can easily narrow your search in order to find the host type that you are interested in. There are some popular categories such as new hosts, top hosts, interactive toy, prepaid sessions, and “cum share with me,” which is cam to cam.

Then, you have other filters that are listed from A-Z, which will help you filter models that are within those categories, and you can see just how many models are online for each category. Unfortunately, combining the filters in this section does not work, as you can check only one thing at a time.

However, by using the advanced search options, which are located under your username on the top right, you can get access to all kinds of search options. You will be able to sort models in different ways. You can search them by category, rating, build, hair color, ass size, prices, kinks, and all other kinds of neat things that will improve your search results. Of course, if you are too picky by filling out absolutely all possible options, you should not expect too many results.

Profiles are hard to find

While entering a live show is as easy as just clicking on the avatar that you see on the homepage, finding the complete profile is a bit tricky. To see a complete profile, you will need to click on “i” while you are in the host's room, and you can either find it next to their name above the livestream or on the right, depending on how their live room is set up. You can also click on the profile name instead of the thumbnail before you enter a live show to access the profile, which is something that you can easily miss out.

When you do actually get to the profile, there can be quite a lot of information given away, and all members can see this. You can find out anything the host is willing to share with others, and you can also see the live show in the top left, so you do not miss anything while exploring the profile.

On the profile, you can see even more of the gallery that is previewed in the main room, but what caught our interest the most were the reviews. Anyone who spent credits on the host can leave a review along with the rating, and when you click on “Reviews” that are on the top right corner of the profile page, you can see the feedback that other members provided.

Private sessions can be quite expensive

Considering that private sessions are probably the best thing about live webcam shows, it is a bit unfortunate that these tend to be quite expensive on ImLive. Of course, the price will differ from model to model, but when you want to enter a private session, you can choose to be charged per minute, or you can commit to a 30-minute session which is usually over 100 tokens.

Of course, hosts which have a Discount Club will usually have some kind of discount for the private session, but in order to join his club, you will have to spend some money, to begin with, so overall, it is still considered expensive.

Monthly contests offer adult videos

While most cam sites tend to offer videos for a premium price, on ImLive, there is a whole section where you can find a bunch of sex videos that are posted by the hosts. These videos are a part of monthly contests. As you watch videos that are posted every month, you can vote on which one is your favorite, and of course, you can go back to previous months and check out the best ones as well.

While the videos do say that they are free to watch, you will have to be a bronze member, at least in order to actually watch any of them. This might be a bit misleading to those who do not look to spend money on the site, but it does make sense, as bronze membership is obtained by any kind of purchase, and the reason this is the way videos are set up is to prevent fake votes.

Level your account for additional bonuses

As a new member, you will get access to quite a lot of features on the site, but as with any camsite, Im Live offers benefits to those who purchase any amount of tokens and even more to those who keep spending money on the site.

After your first purchase, you will become a bronze member, which comes with all kinds of benefits such as watching pornstar shows, watching the previously mentioned videos, getting 20% off from models that are a part of the Discount Club, 20-second intro to a private show for free, and more.

Then, as you invest more into your account and have more credits that you can turn into points by spending them to tip models (in any form but treats), your account will go to silver, gold, and then VIP. The higher tier your account is, the more benefits you are going to have.

ImLive has an option for the blind

On fascinating thing that we noticed on the website is that there is a section for the blind. ImLive offers free voiced live sex shows to anyone, and you can find it under the filters as “ImLive Vocal”. This is a unique experience that lets even those who cannot see enjoy the naughty kinky performances of the sexiest hosts on the site.

Mobile version of the site works great

While there is no supported app on the official mobile stores, there is an APK file that you can download on the internet and then install on your phone if you really want to experience ImLive in the form of an app. Of course, since that may sound a bit troublesome, you might just want to check out the mobile version of the website instead, which works more or less exactly like the desktop version with slight quality-of-life browsing changes for those who are using a phone.

How to sign up on ImLive

In order to sign up on ImLive, all you have to do is visit the site and click on “Sign up for FREE” which is located in the top right corner of the site. After a pop-up window opens, fill out the blanks with your email, username, and password before clicking on “JOIN FREE.” As soon as you do that, the site should automatically log you in, and you can enjoy browsing ImLive as a member.

How much are tokens on ImLive

When it comes to purchasing tokens, aka. credits, on ImLive, there are not that many options. From payment options, you can use credit cards, Paypal, or PumaPay, and there are only four different options.

Price per credit
Total price
1.26 USD
18.95 USD
1.20 USD
29.95 USD
1.18 USD
58.95 USD
1.15 USD
114.95 USD

How to buy tokens on ImLive

To buy tokens, or what ImLive calls credits, you will have to be signed in first. Once you are signed in, you can click on the highlighted “Get Credits” that is located in the top right corner next to your current balance. Upon clicking on “Get Credits”, a pop-up window will open with a few different payment options. The default method to pay for the credits is via credit card, but you can select PayPal and PumaPay as additional options.

Once you decide which package you want to purchase and how you want to pay for it, click on “BUY CREDITS” under the desired option. After you do that, you will go to the next step, where you will have to fill in all of your billing information, after which you will purchase the credits when you click on “PROCESS”.

How to get free tokens on ImLive

Unfortunately, there is no way to obtain free tokens, aka. credits on ImLive. At least not without spending any money. The only way you can receive something free on the site is in the form of a bonus for your first purchase. During your first purchase of credits, you will receive 100% of the bought amount for free.

There is also another form of reward for purchasing credits, which is a part of the Rewards Program. Here, as you purchase more credits, your account will upgrade through memberships, and as you purchase even more credits on higher membership tiers, you will receive free credits.

Is ImLive Safe?

The site is completely secure for the members that use it, as they cannot share any of your information without your consent. Millions of members are using credit cards to enjoy the shows performed by the hosts at ImLive, and over the years that the site is live, there has been no security breach or leaking of information of any members.

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