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Good points

  • Customizable Browsing Experience
  • Catch Multiple Cams
  • Free Private Messages

Negative points

  • Outdated Design
  • Only Females
  • badge imageCustomizable Browsing Experience
  • badge imageCatch Multiple Cams
  • badge imageFree Private Messages

What is My Free Cams

Just as the name suggests, is a site where you can find lots of models from all over the world who host free live cam shows. There are thousands of members active every day, and whenever you visit My Free Cams, you will likely find a model that will grab your attention and pull you into their world of kinky fantasies where you can watch them perform and send them messages and tips if you want to see something specific.

My Free Cams Review

One thing that is very important to mention about MFC is that it has been around for a really long time. The site has been up and running since 2004, and since then, MFC has not gone through many changes. Yes, this does mean that it looks quite dated compared to modern cam sites, which is why you are going to find various complaints about updates that could bring the site back during this review.

Another thing to keep in mind is that since is quite old, along with its infrastructure, back then, you would rarely find a cam site that would have non-female models. With that said, this website still features only females, so if you are not interested in male or transgender ones, it might just be your cup of tea.

Nostalgic design

Anyone who has been browsing the internet back in the 2000s probably remembers how everything was simple, without any flashy effects or animated menus. Well, when you visit Myfreecams, it is as the 2000s as it gets. The first thing you are going to be struck by is a plethora of avatars of cam girls that are currently live, which looks like one of those ads for mobile applications that you would see in a magazine.

The color palate of white and green is quite fitting, and it, too, screams old-school vibes. There are not too many other things to point out from the design, and browsing perspective other than the menus feel very outdated as well, as the icons are incredibly small, and the menus themselves are placed either on top or the right side of the page, which feels a bit lazy. On the other hand, this type of menu design has some advantages, such as that they are quite customizable, which we will cover a bit later.

There are hundreds of models online

Despite the fact that the site is quite old and that there were not that many changes, you can immediately notice that it is very active. No matter at which time of the day you visit it, you can easily access hundreds of live webcam shows hosted by stunning beauties from all over the world.

We already mentioned that the models are only female, and while that might seem that MFC is not so versatile, you will still be able to find all kinds of shows. All of them are different from one another, not only by having different bodies but also by their personalities and acts during their live sex shows.

You can find skinny, chubby, BBW, younger, and older cam girls who will be doing stripping, teasing, BDSM, masturbation, c2c, dancing, oil painting, cooking, and all kinds of shows.

Browsing through models is customizable

Something that was amazing with old-school websites is that they usually offered plenty of customization not only to the profile pages but also to the way that they are browsed and experienced. While we mentioned that the first thing you see is numerous avatars of cam girls that are live in that moment, you can change the way you see them in numerous ways.

Next to the number of online rooms, there are a few icons, settings, a search bar, and a “new models” button. By clicking the buttons between the number of live rooms and settings, you can change how the models are listed.

You can keep the avatar pictures, which can be a bit deceiving, or you can change to live thumbnails that update every now and then, depending on the setting you select. You can also choose how big the thumbnails are, and if you want, you can turn on avatar overlays over those live thumbnails, as well as menus that will allow you to chat with the model, popup her room in a new window, visit her profile, or if you click on the menu, you can get a quick preview of everything.

The settings will allow you to condense your browsing even further, as you can choose the order of models from your friends, favorites, ones you may like, etc. You can also play around with icons and colors, as well as some other settings on how rooms should be filtered, such as their CamScore, the number of people in the room, alphabetically, randomly, and more.

Browsing truly allows a lot of options and customization, which is preserved when you leave and return to the site. One flaw that this has is that browsing by tags is a bit troublesome, as the list is condensed on the right side of the homepage, and it is quite tiny unless you open a separate window that gives a full list of tags, which is amazing.

Profiles are limited only by imagination

When people think of old-school profiles, the first thing that comes to mind is probably good ol’ MySpace, which has a lot of customization options. Well, the great thing about MyFreeCams is that it follows that ideology, as you can put pretty much anything on your profile page, from a different background to a different cursor, all kinds of information you want to share, and so on.

While this does indeed make all cam girls even more different from one another, you can also tell who put a lot of effort into their profile, too, as the default profiles are empty. Top users on the site have menus, social media info, clubs, albums, videos, and all kinds of things that you can purchase with tokens. Essentially, each profile is like a mini-website that the model created.

Streaming rooms could really use an update.

Even if there are a lot of options when you enter a live session, the design here really did not age well. Every menu is more or less a text box, and while you can resize the window, we really dislike the way that the page is initially presented. The customization is great, but the first way it is shown could really use an update.

Another thing that is worth pointing out is that even if everything is customizable, if you have no experience with this type of website, it might take you a while to figure out where all the buttons are and what their intent is. One mistake you can easily make is to hide the video window, and if you happen to be using a bigger screen, the yellow-highlighted unhide button might take you a minute to find.

Premium membership is relevant

When you are a Guest or a free account, there is not that big of a difference from the type of content you can enjoy on MFC. You can visit most of the rooms, and if the model did not disable Basic membership chat, you could also chat with her. You can also create your favorites list, add other people as friends, and design your own profile.

However, Premium members, which you can become by purchasing tokens for $19.99 or more, can join any conversation in any model’s room, they can send private messages to the users along with video attachments, leave comments on profiles, join private sessions, spy on private sessions, join group sessions, get additional profile customization options and more. Of course, once you are a premium member, you can tip and have an impact on the live session.

The mobile version of the site is less complex

Many would consider customization to be one of the best things a site can offer, but the problem with is that the default setup is a bit too outdated, and it takes a bit of an investment to tailor the experience to your best interest. Because of that, a lot of people prefer to use the mobile version of the site, which has a slightly more modern design.

The mobile version of the site can be accessed through the browser only, as there is no mobile app, but it is nicely organized, and using it is very easy. When the modernized version of the site and the on-the-go option is available, there is no surprise that the mobile version is more popular than the desktop one.

How to sign up on My Free Cams

In order to sign up on My Free Cams, all you have to do is visit the homepage and click on “Create a Free Account” in the menu that is on top of the page. Upon doing so, you will get a pop-up asking you to either log in with your Google account or choose to sign in with Twitter.

Of course, you do not have to choose either of those two options, as you can create a free account by filling up the username, e-mail, and password fields instead. Upon doing that and clicking on “Create Account,” you will be redirected to the page where you can immediately purchase a premium membership, which is essentially just buying some tokens.

If you do not wish to purchase anything, you can simply close the pop-up window that you used to create your account and activate your newly created account by checking your e-mail and clicking on the confirmation link.

How much are tokens on My Free Cams

When it comes to purchasing tokens on My Free Cams, the options are quite limited, as there are only three options to choose from. By purchasing tokens in any form for the first time, your account will upgrade to the premium membership, which lasts for a lifetime.

Price Per Token
0.10 USD
19.99 USD
0.09 USD
49.99 USD
0.08 USD
74.99 USD

How to buy tokens on My Free Cams

To purchase tokens, you will have to be logged into your account first. Then, you can find “Purchase tokens” at the top of the page. After you click on that, you will get the menu for purchasing. Here, you can choose how many you want to purchase, and you can choose the payment method as well.

There are four options to pay with, but they essentially all use a credit card, so in reality, you only have a single option. You can choose to have your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover billed via Netbilling, CCBill, RocketGate, or Paypal via Segpay. One odd thing is that you will be billed by a different company name, which is

How to get free tokens on My Free Cams

There are no promotions to earn free tokens on My Free Cams other than the “Bring A Friend” program, which, as they say on their rules page, does not always work. But when it does, you can expect some rewards.

If you are not a premium member and you use a BAF link to bring someone to the site who purchases tokens, you will automatically be granted a premium membership.

If you are already a premium member, you will get 20 Tokens when your friend makes a free account, and if they purchase tokens, you will also receive 200 tokens for their first purchase only.

Is My Free Cams Safe?

The information you submit to My Free cams is encrypted to 128-bit, and it goes through different servers, which means that everything is quite secure. MyFreeCams will also not sell any of your data, it does not use location tracking, and it was also never hacked.

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