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Good points

  • Easy to use
  • Friendly members
  • Instant chat translation

Negative points

  • Very expensive
  • No profiles
  • Cannot save members
  • badge imageEasy to use
  • badge imageFriendly members
  • badge imageInstant chat translation

What is LuckyCrush

It is a one-on-one premium video and text chatting experience where you can meet men and women from all over the world. You will be assigned random members, and if you do not like them, you can easily move on to the next one. Yes, this means that the experience is completely random, and considering that it is a premium-only service, you might already see how it is flawed.

One important thing to take into consideration is that if you are visiting Lucky Crush to see some nudity and live webcam sex action, you are in the wrong place. The website is intended to be used as a dating service, so those who use it will most likely not show you any nudes.

LuckyCrush Review

The first thing that many would assume when they visit, LuckyCrush is that the site is a scam, as it will immediately ask you to purchase some minutes (a form of tokens that this website uses). However, the site is actually a legitimate dating service, and you can meet some interesting people. While some may assume that there are models on the site who are advertising their live adult sex services, during our review, we have not found anyone who is doing such a thing.

The design is modern

What we really love about LuckyCrush is definitely the design. It is so simple and modern that pretty much anyone could use it. All the buttons are there, so setting up your camera and getting into action is very easy. The website is also available in multiple languages, so if English is not your native one, you might find that one of the other thirteen ones is perfect for you.

You will be charged per minute

Let’s get one of the biggest negatives of the site out of the way, and that is the part where you will be charged per minute as you video chat with strangers that the site matches you with. This means that you can easily spend all day going through people and not actually talking to anyone for more than a few seconds, only to find yourself completely out of minutes available. The pricing system makes this site incredibly expensive compared to other dating and webcam experiences.

One million members from 100+ countries? Unlikely.

Considering how expensive the site is, the part where they say that they have over a million members from half of the world seems quite unlikely. The members might have registered for an account, but we believe that more than half bailed after they saw that they were required to pay before using the service in any kind of way. Even with this theory, when we looked for female users on the site, there seemed to be enough women online to get a match instantly.

Usually, dating sites have more male users than female, so if you are a woman looking for an online match, then this site is probably one of the better places to start video chatting with people from all over the world. Yes, if you want to chat with male members, you will still have to have some credits (minutes) on your account.

Instant translation is quite nice

One thing that is correctly advertised on the homepage of the site is the part where it says that there is an instant translation option, and this is true. It actually exists. Unfortunately, it will only translate text, and not voice, which is understandable.

No public profiles

Another thing that you should be prepared for as you go through Lucky Crush is that you will have to repeat a lot of basic information about yourself, as there are no public profiles. This can get quite annoying if you are going through a lot of strangers, especially if they click “next” right after you introduce yourself.

Members are friendly

Something that we were very afraid of when we started using Lucky Crush is that a lot of people would be skipping us the moment they saw us. However, we were pleasantly surprised that the women we met on the site were very friendly. Sure, there were a few that skipped us immediately, but in general, we had a nice video chat with a lot of them. It is also worth pointing out that a lot of women on LuckyCrush are very beautiful.

Members will not be afraid to share their socials

Since the site is quite expensive, we are also glad that other users shared that ideology, which is why we were often asked if we have a social media account like Instagram or Disorc that we can continue the chat on. Because users are willing to do this as soon as they see someone who they are having a moment with, Lucky Crush might just pay off if you are looking to find yourself a date.

How to sign up on LuckyCrush

As soon as you visit LuckyCrush, you will be asked to select if you are a man or a woman. Upon doing so, you will get to the homepage of a site, where you will see “Start Chatting” in the middle. When you click on it, a menu for creating a new account will pop up. To finish signing up, you will just have to fill in the blanks and click on “Continue To Chatting.” It is advised to use a real email address, as confirming it will give you additional benefits to the site when you finish the registration.

How much are tokens on LuckyCrush

There are no tokens on LuckyCrush. Instead, you will have to purchase minutes which are going to be depleted as you use the site. Of course, there are different packages you can purchase for better deals.

Price Per Minute
Total Price
1.132 USD
16.99 USD
1.110 USD
49.99 USD
1.111 USD
99.99 USD

How to buy tokens on LuckyCrush

If you do not have any minutes on LuckyCrush, all you have to do to access the menu for buying some is to click on “Start Chatting.” If you already have some and would like to purchase more, click on “Balance” in the top right corner and then on “Buy Minutes” as the drop-down menu opens.

Once you get to the menu with packages, all you have to do is click on the package you want to purchase, select “Credit & Debit Cards” (which happens to be the only option), fill out the billing information, and you will receive your minutes.

How to get free tokens on LuckyCrush

There are no ways to obtain free minutes on LuckyCrush, as the site is a completely premium experience. The only way to get some “free” minutes is to take advantage of the “HOT WEEKEND” moment which is on the weekends, where you will get 10 free minutes with the 45-minute package and 20 free minutes with the 90-minute package.

Is LuckyCrush Safe?

LuckyCrush is incredibly safe, as the site has never been hacked or compromised in any way. When you make a purchase on LuckyCrush, everything is encrypted by Let’s Encrypt, so you do not have to worry about any of your private information being given out.

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