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Good points

  • Lots of models
  • Easy to browse
  • Gold membership

Negative points

  • Profiles lack information
  • Some ads
  • badge imageLots of models
  • badge imageEasy to browse
  • badge imageGold membership

What is Cam4

Operating since 2007, Cam4 is one of the oldest live webcam sex sites in the industry, and throughout the years, it has attracted not only a lot of models who like to show off their kinky performances but even more viewers who got their fantasies to become a reality by tipping those models for all kinds of naughty things. On Cam4, there are many free rooms that you can explore at any time of the day or night, and many hot models will welcome you with their sexy figures.

Cam4 Review

As soon as you visit, you will be asked if you agree to the terms of use, and by agreeing, you can select if you would like to see male, all, or female models during your browsing session. If you change your mind later on, you can find the filter on the top left of the page, where you can also select trans models which are not selectable on the TOS page.

Simple Yet Effective Design

Considering that the site launched all the way back in 2007, while it has been updated here and there, it still has that old-school soul, which some may find overwhelmingly positive, while others might not find it that amusing. As you enter the first page, you will immediately be greeted by a lot of live models who are streaming all kinds of categories.

However, if you look at the first bar over the thumbnails of live models, you will see all of the popular filters that you can use to narrow down your search. Using these filters is quite easy, and they will give you models who are willing to do acts from such categories. It is important to note that the live state of the show sometimes might not fit the tag, but if you enter the chat and tip the model, you are going to get what you ask if the tag fits the request.

By clicking on “Filters”, you will get access to all of the possible filtering options that the site has to offer. There are a lot of them, and check multiple boxes in order to find yourself the perfect cam girl that will make you more aroused than anything yet. While there are a lot of models on the site, some tags and combinations will have drastically more models online at the time than others, so if your search is too specific, try demarking a few boxes (or marking additional ones depending on the part of the filter).

Big variety of models

What makes Cam4 such an amazing site is the fact that no matter when you check it out, there are going to be hundreds and sometimes a few thousand models online. Because of that, you can always account that there is a great variety of shows available that you can just hop in and watch for free. This opens up doors to learning more about yourself, as well as the fetishes that certain models are all about. There is nothing better than finding a sexy cam girl and getting turned on by something that you did not expect.

You can find models from all over the world, so you might even find a local model who speaks your native language when you invite her to a private session if English does not happen to be your strong side when it comes to cam 2 cam.

Profiles are quite lacking

When it comes to standing out from one another; it is important that models can do all kinds of things to their profile. Not only so that they can show the viewers what they are comfortable with when it comes to sexual acts but also to let the viewers get acquainted better with the model.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Cam4, profiles are a bit lackluster, as you will be able to find some basic information in the “Detailed Bio” box. Other than that, you can find the achievements that the model has earned on the site, the gifts she received, and the tags that can bring you to her profile.

Of course, most popular models will also have a media gallery. During our browsing session, we discovered that a lot of models would put up free erotic photos of themselves in the gallery, which is probably something that everyone enjoys. However, there is also the monetized side of this feature, as there are galleries and videos that you can unlock with tokens or by being a part of the fan club (which is technically also priced in tokens).

Fan clubs are a gamble

Just like any platform that has paid media content, while the main point is that it is a live webcam sex site, purchasing any fan club memberships for individual models can be quite a gamble. Some models may have a lot of content that is well worth the asking price, while others will usually post something once or twice a month, which is a big letdown considering that fan clubs are usually around 200 tokens.

The video player and chat are very responsive

One important thing about a live webcam site is the video player. It might seem like an irrelevant thing that only tech nerds would care about, but the experience a video player can provide to the users has quite an impact. For Cam4, the video player works perfectly, but it does not offer a lot of options as you can only do basic things with it (such as resizing the window and changing the volume).

The chat, on the other hand, is great, as it allows users to send GIFs. A lot of sites happen to allow only emojis, but when GIFs are on the table, both the model and the viewers can get a bit more creative and expressive about how they feel in a certain moment.

The gold membership is pretty good

It is quite rare that a premium membership on the site offers users so many benefits, but Cam4 managed to pull it off. While browsing Cam4 without the golden membership is quite enjoyable, when you upgrade to gold, you will probably never want to go back.

When you upgrade to gold, the first thing that you are going to notice is that the site is not going to have any of those pesky ads that can be quite annoying and interruptive. On top of that, you will get unlimited private messages, anonymous tipping and chat, a special chat status, automated chat translation, the ability to send a free monthly gold gift to your favorite model as well as a boost to her profile, and exclusive token offers which will usually involve bonus tokens.

The first time you upgrade to a gold membership, you are also going to receive 100 free tokens, which is fantastic, as purchasing 100 tokens without the gold membership would more or less cost you the same amount.

How to sign up on Cam4

To register on Cam4, all you have to do is click on the “Create Free Account” button that is located at the top right of the page. It is highlighted in orange, so it is easy to find. After you click on it, a pop-up will appear where you should fill out your desired username, password, and email address that you will be asked to verify. After you verify your account through the message you get in the email, you will automatically be logged into the site with your credentials.

How much are tokens on Cam4

There are two primary ways of purchasing tokens on Cam4. The first and main option is to use a Credit Card, which is also the option with better deals, hence why the table we use is going to contain those prices.

Price Per Credit
Total Price
0.159 USD
159.99 USD
0.169 USD
84.95 USD
0.179 USD
44.95 USD
0.189 USD
18.99 USD
0.199 USD
9.95 USD
Golden Membership Price
19.99 USD / Month

How to buy tokens on Cam4

Buying tokens on Cam4 is quite simple. All you have to do is click on your current balance, which you can find on the top right of the site (the icon is a stack of coins). Upon clicking on that, a pop-up will appear where you can choose between Credit Card and PayPal as your payment options, along with the packages available. Once you select the desired package, fill out the payment information and finalize the purchase.

How to get free tokens on Cam4

The only legitimate way of getting tokens for free on Cam4 is the 50 free tokens that you get on your first purchase of tokens, which are not exactly free. There is another similar way to get tokens, and that is if you purchase the golden membership, which grants you 100 tokens.

Is Cam4 Safe?

Being one of the oldest sites in the camming industry, Cam4 is incredibly safe. Not only that the site has good encryption and that it was never hacked in the past, but all of the users on the site are real as creating an account requires verification of an email. You can safely browse Cam4 and purchase tokens to make your naughty fantasies come true.

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