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Good points

  • Lots of models
  • Great filtering options
  • VR Cams

Negative points

  • Some cams are laggy
  • badge imageLots of models
  • badge imageGreat filtering options
  • badge imageVR Cams

What is Xhamsterlive.com

XHamsterLive is a sister site of the well-known adult site XHamster. Here, you will be able to find all kinds of models, including girls, couples, guys, and trans. Browsing the site is completely free, but if you want to experience the world of webcams like nowhere else, you should expect to buy and spend some tokens.

Xhamsterlive Review

Considering that XHamster is one of the better-known adult sites out there, it should come as no surprise that they are trying to dabble in the webcam industry, and the thing is, they are doing a fantastic job at it. When it comes to XHamsterLive, the site offers pretty much anything one would want from an adult live webcam sex site, such as a good design, lots of models, and lots of activities for both free and premium users.

Familiar design that works

When it comes to the design of XHamster live, there is only one thing that we dislike about it, and that is the fact that it uses a light-color palate, which is mostly white and grayish. Browsing this in a dark room can be quite annoying, as the bright background can be very harsh on the eyes, and there is no dark mode from what we noticed. Let’s hope they add this feature in the future, as it will make the overall design much better.

When it comes to the browsing experience, it is quite amazing. Everything is placed exactly where it should be, including the top menus, the filtering options on the side, and the thumbnails of models that are currently live. Nothing truly feels out of place, and that is what makes a good website.

Registering is advised

Considering that registering is completely free, we highly advise that you do it, even if you can access most live sex shows without doing so. By registering, you will get access to some additional features, such as adding the models to your favorite list, and more importantly, you will get to chat with them as well.

On top of the standard options that you get after registering, once your registration is complete, the site will help you find the models that you are interested in by giving you a quick survey to fill out. In the survey, you will get to pick what kind of models you prefer, such as their build, age, ethnicity, and more. Registering is really worth it, and if you want to explore the models that are not recommended to you, this can easily be done later by exploring different categories.

Finding new models is easy

While the post-registration survey does a fantastic job at suggesting models that will fit your taste, there are many other ways to explore your favorites list on X Hamster Live. The best way to do that is by simply browsing through the categories which you can find on the left side of the homepage. Unfortunately, you cannot combine these filters with each other, but you can use the search bar to search for different categories, countries, tip menu options, and more. The search bar's interaction with tipping menus is actually surprisingly useful, as you can find a lot of models this way that many other cam sites would probably not give you the opportunity to do so.

There are thousands of different models online at any time

What makes XHamsterLive so good is that no matter when you check the site out, you are going to find thousands of models online. While the site has quite a lot of female models, when it comes to guys, couples, and trans models, there are always a few hundred live sessions going on, which is great if you want to explore those categories too.

When it comes to the type of models, there are all kinds, and no live show is going to be the same. Just like the survey asks you when you register, you can expect models that fit pretty much any filter on there. You will be able to find both skinny and chubby teens who will do anything for some tokens, and they will gladly expose themselves in front of the camera, and you can also find hot MILFs who will do the same thing.

There are babes who will do only softcore shows, spending most of their time fully clothed only to reveal their titties or other good bits when someone sends in a tip, but there are also models who will go all out and let a machine fuck their pussy as viewers send in tips to make the penetration even harder. Of course, you can find BDSM acts with both dominant and submissive models, and you can find all kinds of other fetishes too.

You can interact with models in various ways

Interacting with models is quite fun when it comes to XHamster Live, as you can do all kinds of things. For starters, you can watch most of the models and chat with them, which is a given by today’s standards. However, you can also tip and spin wheels which will make the model do different things. You can take control of their remote-controlled sex toys and provide them with sensational pleasures, you can send them gifts, and so on.

The best kind of interaction by far is inviting a hot model into a private session where you will both have your cameras on (cam 2 cam). This way, you can direct the show without anyone else interrupting it, and you can provide pleasure to each other over remote-controlled sex toys; if you happen to have one, make sure to let the model know, as they will gladly pleasure you with it while you do the same for them. There is nothing better than achieving orgasm in the same time as the model in a private session.

Find more content on detailed profile pages

Profiles are known to be very important parts of any live webcam sex site, and when it comes to XHamsterLive, the profiles are very good. When you visit the model’s room, you can manually access the full profile page, and there you can usually find whatever interests you about the model.

You can read about the basic information such as their age, body type, hair color, height, weight, and what they are into, and of course, you can find out when they are live as every model happens to have a broadcast schedule, which is very useful. You can also find the tipping menu with pretty much everything that the model is willing to do, as most tipping menus we have seen will let you scroll through for quite a while.

Level your account by being active

While browsing XHamsterLive, watching live shows, and spending tokens, your account will gain levels, unlocking additional perks such as making your posted albums public and earning a special badge in your profile and chat. Additionally, you can even gain ultimate membership for free.

Ultimate membership can be unlocked with a monthly subscription and offers several benefits, including private messaging with models, a badge in chat, the ability to turn on invisible mode, use emojis, moderation powers, anonymous tips, and 24/7 customer support.

You can easily track all purchases made on the site, including photos and videos, in the "My Collection" section of the website, accessible from the right menu. This section also houses content from subscribed fan clubs.

It's important to note that leveling up by watching models is only possible until level 9, the final grey league tier. After that, the only way to level up is by making a token purchase with real money, which grants 500 XP, verifying your email for five XP, and spending tokens. Each token spent on tipping or unlocking content earns you five experience.

The VR shows are like no other

There are not that many websites that allow you to use VR while interacting with the models, which is what makes Xhamsterlive.com so special. While not all models have VR shows available, the ones that work in a studio will rotate every few days, and you will get to discover new models.

Browsing XHamsterLive in VR is done quite well. You can easily filter out VR models only, and the VR controls are quite well. Of course, there are instances where models might misplace the VR camera, making the viewing experience a bit uncomfortable as there is going to be something in the close periphery of the VR camera, but overall, the experience is really good.

Many models know how to use VR to its full potential, which can give some amazing close-ups and private sessions like something that you have never seen before. One thing that sucks about browsing XHamsterLive in VR is the part where you cannot really see any media galleries as well as profile details, but other than that, the experience is an incredible upgrade compared to the traditional viewing experience that you could have on your PC or mobile device.

How to sign up on Xhamsterlive

To sign up on XHamsterLive.com, all you have to do is click on “Create Free Account,” which is located in the top right corner of the homepage. After a pop-up appears, fill out blank spaces and then click on “Create Free Account” again. You can also sign in with your Google account, and you can sign up without an email, but you will not get access to all the features.

After you register, you will get to choose your preference for the models you want to see, and you will be asked to verify your email to access all of the features that the site offers.

How much are tokens on Xhamsterlive

There are several different packages that you can purchase on Xhamsterlive.com, and they can be purchased with a few different credit/debit card options, Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Ether, and other crypto. More expensive packages will give some sort of a discount, starting at 10% and going up to 30% for all options besides crypto, which have bigger packages that give up to 40% discounts. Even larger packages are available to those who have a history of buying big on XHamsterLive.com. There are also two Ultimate Membership packages.

Price Per Token
Total Price
0.116 EUR
4.99 EUR
0.116 EUR
9.99 EUR
0.104 EUR
20.99 EUR
0.096 EUR
49.99 EUR
0.092 EUR
96.99 EUR
0.088 EUR
199.99 EUR
Ultimate Membership
Price Per Month
Total Price
1 Month
19.99 EUR
19.99 EUR
12 Months
16.66 EUR
199.99 EUR

How to buy tokens on Xhamsterlive.com

To buy tokens at X Hamster Live, all you have to do is click on the “+” icon in the top right corner, or you can click on your current token number and then “Buy Tokens.” After that, simply select what package you would like to purchase.

How to get free tokens on Xhamsterlive

The only option is to have a chance to win 50 tokens every hour by entering the giveaway. For this, you also need to have a verified email address, and there can be only ten lucky winners every hour. After you claim your prize this way, you must claim it within 10 minutes.

You can also get free tokens from social media contests and promos that you can find on different social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

Is Xhamsterlive Safe?

XHamster is one of the most popular porn sites in on the internet, and XHamsterLive is its sister site that is all about live webcam sex. Both of the sites use the same encryption and privacy protection, so there is nothing to worry about while browsing either of them. Feel free to watch and chat with sexy models for as long as you want.

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