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Good points

  • Fantastic filters
  • 1-on1 private sessions
  • Lots of unique models

Negative points

  • Messy design
  • Slightly expensive
  • badge imageFantastic filters
  • badge image1-on1 private sessions
  • badge imageLots of unique models

What is Xcams.com

X Cams is a live webcam sex site where you can find some amazing sex shows. The site focuses on allowing women, couples, and transsexuals to stream their live sex shows on the site, and you can access most of them for free. Of course, there is that more premium spectrum of the site, where you can invite a model to a private session.

Xcams.com Review

There is something that we always tend to dislike when it comes to live webcam sex sites, and that is when the first impressions are not good, and when it comes to Xcams, while it does have that webcam site charm, there is just something that is giving off negative vibes.

Messy design

The biggest offender is definitely the messy design, as the homepage is filled with all kinds of thumbnails of cam girls that are stacked next to each other with no space left for pretty much anything else. While this does say that the site is quite active and that there are many cam girls online at pretty much any time, it just makes it unappealing and very hard to focus on a certain thing. It looks more like a photo gallery than a sex cam site.

When it comes to the placement of any kind of menus or buttons, they are all at the top of the page, which is actually a nice thing from the design perspective. You can easily access anything that you want to see on the site, and as you scroll down through numerous online models, the menus stay at the top of the page, which is really a blessing. It is a very small detail, but it helps improve the browsing experience.

While we did put a lot of hate on the collided thumbnails, there are ways to make them a bit less messy by changing the size of thumbnails and, with that, the number of thumbnails per row. However, even if the thumbnails are bigger, you cannot see the name of the model or anything interesting about her besides her thumbnail, which is an avatar.

To make things a bit worse, when you hover your mouse over a thumbnail, it shows other photos from the model instead of a live-session preview, which a lot of people dislike, as sometimes live shows are completely different from the thumbnail.

The site is available in different languages

Having a site in different languages is always a plus, and when it comes to XCams.com, you can switch between English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Portuguese. The menu for changing languages can be found at the top right of the page.

Prepare for pop-ups if you do not register

One annoying thing about XCams, especially if you want to check out the site without registering, is the part where you are going to get a pop-up pretty much any time you enter a new page. Of course, the solution to this is quite simple, as all you have to do is register, but some people might not want to do it as the site requires billing information to finish the registration.

Hundreds of online models

While there are definitely sites that are known to have thousands of models online at any time of the day or night, XCams might not seem the best option at first, as their numbers are only in the lower hundreds. However, the quality of the live webcam session that you are going to get at XCams is astonishing. The models here really try their best to make their viewers have the best possible time that they can have while watching a live sex show. Models will often go out of their way and sometimes chip in a freebie if you are a nice tipper, which is always appreciated.

Browsing through models is easy due decent filters

At first, the bar with filters might not be that big. However, when you click on the button that expands the filters, a whole new number of options will unravel. These are certainly some of the best filters that we had the experience of using, as you can filter pretty much anything you want to see from a model.

You can combine multiple filters from different categories like sex, origin, hair, cup size, figure, private tariff, sexual preference, and extra options. For example, you can choose to see woman + woman shows that are Asian, with blonde hair, cup size C-D, figure size M, Private tariff of 5 credits, sexual preference bisexual, and from extras, you can pick tattoos and piercings. Of course, if you pick too many options, there are smaller odds that you will find a model that fits that profile, but it is good that the options are there.

Private shows are not private

Something that probably everyone found a bit confusing while browsing XCams, is the part where private sessions are not completely private, at least no to the traditional webcam experience that you might find on other sites. When you invite a model to a private show, other members can invite her as well, and you can all have your webcam turned on for the model. Do not worry, you will not have to look at other lads jerking off; only the model sees turned-on cameras.

Of course, the upside of this interesting decision is that private shows are quite cheap compared to the one-on-one VIP experience that the site offers. In fact, the difference in pricing is usually 50%, which is substantial when you take into account that these sessions can be quite long, especially if you are having fun.

One-on-one shows are quite expensive

The true one-on-one experience called VIP, which is twice as expensive as a private session, will allow you to turn on your microphone and talk to the model. Of course, this is the prime way live sex cams should be experienced, but unfortunately, for the price, it might not be worth it unless you find a model that you really click with.

Profiles are quite detailed

Something that we really like about XCams is the profiles, as they are very detailed. You can easily find out pretty much everything that you want to know about the model. The only issue is that getting to the full profile page where you can see how much it costs to take her private or VIP, see the photos that she posted as well as some videos, etc.; is that it is not so simple. First, you will have to enter a live room, then you will have to click on the profile icon in the chat, then you have to scroll through the short bio, and then click on visit full profile – that is way too many steps.

You can find models doing all kinds of naughty things

What makes XCams so special, despite its low model base, is that the variety of models is superb. You will be able to find hotties who are into all kinds of things. Whether you are looking for a hot teen who will do anything in order to expose herself in front of the camera or a stunning dominant MILF who will tell you how you are misbehaving and how you should listen to her every command, you can easily find it all on XCams. The only downside is that getting to know which model is into what might be a bit of a “learning curve,” as accessing full profiles and finding free sessions is not that easy.

Chat offers auto-translation

Something that should definitely be utilized a bit more across the webcam industry as a whole is the automatic translators in chat. There are so many models from all kinds of parts of the world, and of course, not every model is fluent in English. Because of that, having a translator that makes communication easier is something that XCams.com should get props for.

How to sign up on Xcams.com

To sign up on XCams, first, you will have to be on the homepage. Then, click on “LOGIN” located in the top-right corner to open up a drop-down menu. In that menu, click on “Not yet registered?” or Access with Google / Access as a guest if you want to use those two options.

After clicking on “Not yet registered?” you will be transferred to a new page where you can complete the registration. It does not matter if you choose to register with a new account or as a guest, you will have to finalize the registration by purchasing a package. Sometimes, there is going to be an option to register without making a purchase, but you will still be asked for your billing information.

How much are tokens on Xcams.com

There are five different packages when you choose to purchase tokens (credits) on Xcams.com. You can choose between Visa, Skrill, Paypal, PaySafeCard, and Crypto as your payment options. These are the prices for each package:

Price Per Credit
Total Price
0.96 EUR
13.49 EUR
0.95 EUR
26.99 EUR
0.93 EUR
53.99 EUR

How to buy tokens on Xcams.com

You can purchase credits as you are registering on the site, and if you decide to choose the free option, then you can easily access the menu to purchase more credits by clicking on your current available amount once you are logged in. Since your billing information is already saved, you do not have to worry about filling in these fields again.

How to get free tokens on Xcams.com

The only way to obtain free tokens on XCams is by taking advantage of the offer when you register on the site. There is usually a special offer that will let you register for free and grant you 25 tokens, which is about five minutes in a private session.

Is Xcams.com Safe?

Browsing XCams.com is very safe, as the site uses good encryption, has an SSL certificate, and it keeps all of the data you send to it to itself. There is nothing to worry about while browsing through models, chatting with other users, or making purchases on XCams.com. Of course, you are advised to avoid clicking on suspicious links sent out by other users.

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