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Good points

  • Lots of Asian models
  • Easy To Use
  • Relatively Cheap

Negative points

  • Few models onlins
  • Few western models
  • Desktop Experience
  • badge imageLots of Asian models
  • badge imageEasy To Use
  • badge imageRelatively Cheap

What is Swag.live

It is a live webcam sex chat site where you can find lots of hot girls. Most of the girls on the platform are Asian, and they usually do not speak English as this is mostly an Asian-oriented site. While the models are mostly Chinese speakers, the site is fully optimized for English speakers as well as several other languages. Most importantly, to browse Swag.live, you can register for a free account and find plenty of live sex shows as well as porn videos next to the premium ones that cost Diamonds (tokens).

Swag.live Review

Immediately at first sight, you will notice that Swag.live is a bit different from the live webcam sex sites that you might be used to. This is probably because it is an Asian webcam site, as the interface and general webcam service setup are handled a bit differently there compared to the western sites.

The design is nice and easy to use

While there are no innovations when it comes to the design that Swag.live uses, everything that it does is done perfectly. The dark theme is very easy on the eyes; the webcams are right in the middle of the page, so you can access them immediately, and the menus are in the right places.

On the top of the page, the menus will let you navigate through livestreams, which are the main focus of the site, the video section, and the feed which just shows posts from the members of the site. Other than those, if you are logged in, you will have access to the chat menu, where you can see your messaging history as well as all of the girls that are online and ready to chat, the button to post content yourself, notifications, the backpack where you can claim daily rewards, and of course, the buttons for purchasing diamonds and interacting with your profile.

The site is available in different languages

At the time of the review, there are thirteen different options when it comes to languages. While there are some western languages included, such as English, Spanish, French, and German, other options are focused on Asian languages instead. If you are from Asia, you can probably find your native language here.

The number of models online varies a lot

If you happen to be from the western part of the world, if you check out the cams at certain times, you will find out that there are only a few dozen models online. This may seem a bit discouraging to use the site, but if you check at the right hours, there are hundreds of Asian babes who are ready to accept you into their naughty adult webcam session and to have fun with you in a private chat.

The filters are not the best

We really love webcam websites that have a lot of filters that will let users tailor the experience to themselves, as there is nothing better than finding a few perfect models that you can return to every now and then and enjoy the perfect show. However, when it comes to Swag, the filters are quite lacking.

You will only be able to select if you want to see all Asian or western region performers, creators that you are following or not, and models that are currently in a free / private / paid / or funding session. There is also a “Sorting” button next to the filters, but it is not really worth using. The same can be said for the search bar, as typing most keywords will get you no results.

The video feed quality is mostly ok

Unlike the webcam sites that you might have been checking out in the west, the models on Swag will mostly use their phones in order to stream their kinky sessions, which means that the video quality can be all over the place. The first thing to get out of the way is that we have to talk about the aspect ratio, as we found it quite unappealing, especially when you take into consideration that the chat is scrolling over one-third of the video. There are also not any options when it comes to interacting with the player other than chatting and sending gifts or tips.

Profiles are a bit lacking

If you click on the name of the model while you are in their live room, you can check out their profile. The profiles on Swag are quite similar to Instagram profiles, as you can see the number of posts they have, their followers, and who they are following. You can message all models from here, and you can also check out their stories, videos, and photos. There is also a biography section where models will usually post their kinks, something about themselves, and their streaming schedule.

Do note that while there are a lot of free stories, videos, and photos, most of them will require you to purchase them by using tokens (Diamonds). The prices vary quite a bit, as not-so-popular models are going to have much lower prices than those who are very popular.

The video section is full of different videos

While the live shows are definitely the highlight of the site, as there is nothing better than getting to direct a live show with a stunning hottie who will do anything to make your kinky fantasies come true, the videos on Swag also have some perks.

At first, we thought that we were going to find highlights from livestreams only, but there is so much more than that. While you can find some hot action from live shows, there are also videos sold by models which include some spicy content that will definitely get anyone’s boner dance.

Even if you can technically find all of the videos posted here separately on each girl’s profile, it is nice to have them all in one place. There are a couple of different categories that you can browse, but unless you are using Chinese characters, you will not have much luck using the search engine.

The feed is basically adult Instagram

If you ever found yourself on Insta wanting to see some hot naked girls, then you should probably check out Swag, as the feed section will offer exactly that. However, be prepared to see a lot of blurred content, not because of age restrictions or Asian censorship, but because you will have to pay for the content first in order to get access to it.

The mobile app is great

Considering that this website is somewhat of an adult version of Instagram, as they are not even trying to hide it, one would expect the mobile app to be just as good. Luckily for Swag, the app is absolutely fantastic. It fixes some of the issues that we had with the site, such as the aspect ratio since it works perfectly with most phone screens. It is fast and responsive, and there are really no problems with it.

The content is quite cheap

While we have mentioned a lot of paid content on the site when you look at the packages available and the amount you have to pay for a private session or to unlock a video, the rates are not that bad. Seeing something cost over a thousand diamonds might seem really high at first, but at the end of the day, 1000 diamonds is about 2.5 USD.

How to sign up on Swag.live

Signing up on Swag.live is quite easy. As you visit the main page, you will see “Sign Up” highlighted in light blue at the top right of the homepage. Once you click on it, a new menu will pop up at the bottom of the page. Here, you can fill in the blanks to choose your account name and your password, or you can sign up with your Twitter or Google account. Whichever option you choose, you will have to confirm your email separately in order to receive daily rewards through the backpack icon once you log in.

How much are tokens on Swag.live

There are quite a lot of packages when it comes to purchasing tokens (Diamonds) on Swag. Some of them are limited packages that you can purchase once a day, week, or month, while other deals are discounted by default as you buy bigger packages. If you change the currencies, you might find a better deal sometimes, as the prices are not changed correctly.

Tokens (Diamonds)
Price per token
Total price
~ 0.0023 USD
6.59 USD
Once per day
~ 0.0020 USD
35.99 USD
Once per week
~ 0.0019 USD
65.99 USD
Once per month
~ 0.0024 USD
5.1 USD
All the time
~ 0.0021 USD
29.99 USD
All the time
~ 0.0020 USD
49.99 USD
All the time
~ 0.0020 USD
99.99 USD
All the time
~ 0.0020 USD
199.99 USD
All the time
~ 0.0019 USD
299.99 USD
All the time

How to buy tokens on Swag.live

In order to purchase tokens on Swag, you will first have to be logged in. Then, all you have to do is click on the diamond icon on the top right, and a pop-down menu with all the purchase options is going to appear. After you select which option you want to purchase, you will have to choose a payment plan (only Credit Card is available). Then, fill in your payment information and finalize the purchase.

How to get free tokens on Swag.live

The only way to get free Diamonds is to confirm your email by clicking on the backpack icon at the top right of the page and click on “Claim” under “Get daily rewards”. This way, you will sometimes receive an email where you can claim free Diamonds.

Is Swag.live Safe?

Swag.live is a completely safe site that has never been hacked or compromised. It is a reputable Asian webcam and video hosting site with many daily users. The credit card information and any other information that you provide them is completely private, and you do not have to worry about your data being sold to a third party.

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