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Good points

  • Hot UK models
  • Many interactive options
  • VIP memberships

Negative points

  • Horrible outdated design
  • Credits are expensive
  • features for free members
  • badge imageHot UK models
  • badge imageMany interactive options
  • badge imageVIP memberships

What is Babestation

While Babestation is known to be an adult chat television channel and program block in the UK, today, it is best known for its live webcam services. There are hundreds of gorgeous models working at, which can make anyone’s dreams come true in some of the hottest private sessions that you can find. Of course, Babestation still offers some adult videos, merch, and other goodies that the brand created over the years.

Babestation Review

Reviewing Babestation is tricky, as the site offers a lot of content, which makes sense because it has been around since 2002. While it started as an adult program that would be played at night in the United Kingdom on TV, it has evolved quite a bit, and today it is one of the most popular UK cam sites that you can find on the internet.

However, even if the site has been around for quite some time, which means that it has a lot to perfect its craft and what it is trying to do, there are many errors, which is something to be expected from a site that is a jack of all trades of the adult entertainment industry.

The design is quite messy and laggy

Anyone who visits Babestation for the first time is immediately going to agree with us when we say that the homepage is a huge mess. It is quite an overwhelming and chaotic experience seeing all of the colors and various flashy menus. Not only that, but as we scroll down, more and more information is tossed at the user, which is not that bad if someone knows how to fully navigate the site, but the first impression, will never be a good one.

Starting the homepage with a random live cam show taking half of the screen while the other half is filled with ads is really bad and confusing, and the sign which says that people under eighteen are not allowed is very out of place, which will repeat on different sections of the site, unfortunately. One last complaint about the site, redirecting to certain sections of the site can be very slow.

Finding live models is a bit tricky

One would assume that clicking on “Babestation Cams” will get you the list of live cam girls that are currently hosting adult sex shows on the site. But that is not the case at all. Instead, you will be redirected to a completely different site, where you will have to register for a completely different account (this is not where you want to go if you are interested in

Instead, you want to click on “Webcams HD”, and then you will get a full list of models that are currently live on the site. At first, it might not look like there are many models online, but by using the filters on the left side of the page, you can optimize the browsing experience. Do note that once you go here, no menu button will get you back to the original homepage, you will just have to visit it manually through the address bar.

The filters are not the best, as you can filter models by age, region, and a couple of different categories that show how many numbers are using that category. It is important to point out that the service differs significantly when you browse the “World Cams” and the “Babestation Live” models.

The “Babestation Live” are the models who work at Babestion, and they will have all kinds of interactions available for those who are registered at Babestion, while the models at “World Cams” will not have all the features available.

Babestation Live models have amazing features

We love giving credit where credit is due, and when it comes to all models in the “Babestation Live” section, they definitely offer a lot of features to the users who visit their live webcam sessions. For starters, you can watch the show even if you do not have any tokens (credits), and if you do, you can chat with the models by leaving comments; you can call them directly, contact them on WhatsApp, start “Pervcam” which is a special angle camera, invite them to Private, tip them for something from their menu, and interact with their sex toy to provide them pleasure as you desire when you tip.

One incredible downside when visiting models in this section is that there is no advanced profile view where you can find out more information about the model or anything like that. This design choice feels very odd and outdated. Another thing that is worth pointing out is that a lot of “free shows” will require you to turn on “Perv Cam” after a short time.

World Cams are much different from the main models

While there are more models in this category, finding one that will not immediately kick you out if you have no tokens is quite a challenge. However, even if you do get locked out of the live show because you are a free user, by scrolling down on the live sex show page, you can find more information about the model. The profiles are not great, but at least they are there compared to the “Babestation Live” section.

Instant messaging services are something different

In order to stay competitive in the live webcam sex industry, sites like Babestation have to come up with new things that make them different and interesting enough compared to their competition, and the “Babe IM Chat & PICS” is something that does a good job at that.

Here, users can pick one of many options listed in front of them, such as sending a message to some of the models and asking them for pics, or sending a cock rating humiliation request, a regular cock rating, strict BDSM, or whatever service is available at the time.

The video section is decent

If you are someone who wants to watch the cam girls that can be found at without purchasing any tokens, the video section that can be found under “MORE” on the main menu bar is a good place to check out. While there are many videos available, there are no filtering options, and the search bar is your only way of filtering content. At the time of the review, there were 200 videos, so do not expect many results if your searches are detailed.

VIP improves the experience by a mile

Free members, even those who purchase tokens, have quite limited access to, which is a bit of a shame. However, seeing that the site does aim for the monthly subscription to be the main source to acquire content, it does come with a lot of bonuses which are usually much better than just buying tokens. There are three different memberships, and we will cover all of them.

Silver gives you some new features

The cheapest membership, which is £9.99 per month, will get you access to exclusive shows that non-VIPs cannot even see, as well as access to some other VIP areas of the site. On top of that, you will be given one daily spin on the Lucky Wheel, which can give you all kinds of different rewards.

Gold spices things up significantly

On top of the things that Silver membership gives you, the Gold membership, which is £19.99 per month, will give you an additional spin on the Lucky wheel every day, 200 Babestation credits (which are worth £20 on their own), access to BSX (which are extreme shows that are valued at over £150 according to the site), and you will have a gold username too!

Diamond is an upgraded Gold membership

On top of the spins increasing from two to three and getting 400 Babestation credits per month; the Diamond membership will also give you exclusive credits offers, which are only useful if you are truly invested in Babestation Live models. For such a small upgrade, the £29.99 Diamond membership might not be the best one, if we are being honest. Go for the Gold unless you want to spend a lot of credits.

How to sign up on Babestation

As you visit, there are going to be a couple of different “Register FREE” buttons on the homepage. As you click on any of them, you will be taken to the account creation page, where you can fill in three blanks with your email, desired username, and password. Once you fill them up, hit Sign Up, and the site should automatically log you in. Do note that you should provide an email that you can confirm, as it will grant you access to some features on your free account.

How much are tokens on Babestation

When it comes to purchasing tokens on Babestation, the rates are quite straightforward, as ten credits are equal to £1. Other than the token options, you can purchase monthly memberships, which were discussed in more detail in the main part of the review.

VIP Membership Type
Monthly Price With Credit Card
Monthly Price With SMS/Phone
Credit Package
Price Per Credit
Total Price

How to buy tokens on Babestation

To buy tokens(credits) at Babestation, you will first have to be logged into your account. Once you are logged in, on the homepage, you will see “My Account” written in blue letters on the first menu bar. As you hover your mouse over it, a drop-down menu will pop down where you will click on “Topup,” which will send you to the purchase page. To purchase tokens(credits), select the package that interests you, click continue, fill out the necessary billing information, and to finalize the purchase, click on “Submit Payment” after you tick the box for T&Cs and Privacy Policy.

There are also monthly memberships that you can subscribe to, and these can be found next to “My Account” by clicking on “Upgrade to VIP”. Once you are redirected to a new page, choose which VIP subscription option you would like to subscribe to, and click on “BUY NOW” to pay with a credit card or “BUY with SMS/Phone” to use your phone instead.

How to get free tokens on Babestation

There are currently no consistent ways of getting free tokens on Babestation. The only way you can receive them is if you are lucky enough to find a promotion code somewhere on their social media platforms, but these are very rare.

Is Babestation Safe?

Since Babestation is one of the most reputable networks in the United Kingdom when it comes to adult entertainment, you can rest assured that it is completely safe. All of the information you provide to the site is kept private and is not sold to third parties, and you also do not have to worry about any leaks or hacks, as they have never happened in the past. Of course, if you see a user submit a suspicious link during live chat, you should avoid clicking on it.

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